2.3.4 DE for you!

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    You can install over yours (if you have 2.3.6 argentinian, don't change the kernel...)
    If you have 2.2 froyo put american kernel, see instruction...

    New Version:

    0.5 (17/05/2012)
    Replaced Launcher
    Build.prop improved
    More translations
    Removed other motorola's stuff and dependences
    added tether
    Zippalign on reboot
    init.d added
    a lot of script running
    Memory tweaks
    Added H symbol for gsm users
    More fast

    [ROM] 2.3.4 En/Es/Ita/De/Fr Deodexed from standard 2.3.4 Verizon... - xda-developers
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  2. Thank you very much for your work, dettofatto :)

    I already had a look a few days ago and will change to 2.3.4 as soon as i have my new Pro :p

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    aahh, just another question: Do i need root for this?
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  4. Question: I have no Motorola Pro, but it is interessting that a ROM-Upgrade for a Verizon Model will work on a german Droid Pro - I mean, Verizon is using CDMA - network (without Sim-Cards). so the hardware differs a lot!
    When you update a GSM Droid Pro (from Germany) with a Verizon one, it should normally hard brick the device!? (i don't know any model which you can use Verizon ROMs on GSM models!)
    I would wait until somebody flash his GSM model.
    Or have you tested it?
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    I've done...!
    The differences between european and american pro are the baseband, and the kernel... We can't change the baseband (radio gsm/cdma), but we can change the kernel..
    Your phone with american kernel can run with american nandroid backup (my mod nadroid backup).
    Your baseband are always the same and your phone go with only gsm, without any issue...
    If you want return to your froyo, you must put before froyo kernel KernelFroyoEu.zip , and then your froyo's nandroid backup...
    If you have american droid pro you can put froyo kernel e froyo's nandroid backup...
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  6. ok, that was the question!
    Well done ;)
  7. Good evening ^^

    Sorry but i put both files on my SD Card and started then the recovery mode. The i tried to get into recovery mode but there i can only see the .zip file? how do i have to proceed your backup file?

    And can i use Clockword Mod?
  8. you have to extract the .zip and put the content to /clockworkmod/backup
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    OKay ^^

    I created now a file clockworkmod/backup on my SD Card. The data from the backup are now in it.

    But i am still not sure now.

    I have installed ROM Manager and i can use it to get into Recovery Mod.

    I renamed the Kernel File to update.zip, right?

    So, my question is now: When i start the update now, will i be able to get back into normal screen from Android to start ROM Manager or how will i get your backup on my Pro?

    And in the ROM Manger itself i can not choose the Motorola Pro as device ("Clpckwork Mod Recovery System") - is this important to get the backup file started?

    Sorry for my questions ;)


    Sorry, but i can not find any Clockwork Recovery for the Pro in the internet. On the HP of clockwork the rom manager is not exisiting anymore (failure 503).

    So if you could upload yours, please? :)
  10. All fine, i did it! :)
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  12. Noooooooooo ^^

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    Is it possible to change Y and Z? ^^
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    It is very simple in your /system/usr/kelayout you'll find a
    Lot of files...
    Open with notepad
    Cdma Venus etc... etc.. .kl and replace your y with z and your z with y...
    I've seen in this forum a very similar topic...
    Send me your cdma venus bla bla.kl....
    Did you like it?
    For now it is more stable and useful than other ics, or roms...
  14. For what do you need my cdma file? ^^

    And what means kl? :D
  15. #15 dettofatto, 06.05.2012
    See the first topic on my post on xda...
    I've added some steps if you have quertz keyboard....
    The cdma-xxxx.kl file is for the keyboard...
    Boogie bedankt sich.
  16. nice nice ^^

    but now my play store isn't working anymore :( :(

    it says all my apps are not ready for my device anymore (not compatible).....

    and this local settings tool from the store does also not work O-o

    but the OS itself is really nice and fast! :)
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    See the first post on xda...
    You can see the solution...
    Read all!
    Point 8,9,10...

    Sent from My Motosola....
  18. Hi again!

    Okay, i tried that now about 4 times, but it doesn't work for me... will google that problem, maybe i can find another fix.

    I used the OS now the whole day and it is stable :)

    But i found also a bug: on the keyboard 6 and _ are swichted.
  19. #19 dettofatto, 06.05.2012
    Write here exactly your steps...
    For the keyboard, open the cdma files that you have overwritten and replace the two keys...

    Sent from My Motosola....
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