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    2.3.4 On your Atrix (Through Windows)
    For easier directions, we'll work in C:

    1) Create a folder in C: called "moto-fastboot". Or called whatever you want, for this tutorial it's moto-fastboot.
    2) Extract the files from moto-fastboot-win32.zip from here.
    3) Extract atrix-2.3.4-hktw-boot.img and atrix-2.3.4-hktw-system.img from the zip folders here.
    4) You should now have all the files from moto-fastboot-win32.zip and the .img files from step 3
    5) Start up command prompt (start > run > cmd)
    6) cd C:\moto-fastboot
    7) moto-fastboot flash boot atrix-2.3.4-hktw-boot.img
    8) moto-fastboot flash system atrix-2.3.4-hktw-system.img
    9) moto-fastboot -w
    10) moto-fastboot reboot
    11) Taste the gingerbready goodness

    Should look like this:

    Note: This should be noted that since the whole unlocked bootloader thing just happened last night, it's safe to say most of this is NOT stable and should only be done with caution, and you should be aware there could be unwanted consequences to your device.

    THX an The Kaiser
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    hey, hast du es gemacht? brignt es irgendwas? wenn ja was?
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    Mobile surfer

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    2.3.3 gegenüber 2.2.2 schon in der Beta deutlich besser laufen auf dem Atrix.
    Aber da diese noch in Entwicklung befindet und noch ein Haufen bugs mitbringt, verzichte ich auf diese Rom.
    Denn es gibt nichts schllimmeres als ein nichtfunktionierender ROM.^^
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