850 3g Milestone DACH??

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  1. #1 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Hallo, ich bin neu im Forum. Ich habe einen Meilenstein in der deutschen, aber ich lebe in Costa Rica, meine Frage ist, ob irgendwie hat man das 3G 850MHz aktivieren können, denn das ist die Frequenz in meinem Land verwendet werden. Sorry für mein schlechtes Deutsch, ich bin mit Google Translate, Vielen Dank im Voraus.
  2. #2 KisteBier, 20.03.2010
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    so you´ve bought your milestone in germany?
    when looking around, i found this posting in another forum:

    this means in brazil there is a provider, namely "Personal", who sells motorola´s milestone as a 3-band-umts-device with frequencies 850/1900/2100 mhz. it´s the same model but produced in brazil. i guess that there´s a small difference in the hardware between german and brazil model of the milestone. seems as if you won´t be able to use 3g in costa rica with a german model :/
    where did you get it from and when? if you really bought it in germany and the salesman told you it should work, there might be a possibility to return it and get one supporting 850 mhz.

    they say that changing the baseband-firmware could activate support for 850 mhz.. but i´m not sure if this could really work. if there´s different hardware assembled, then there´s no possibility to do so.

    mh.. specs of the german site of motorola tell the following ´bout frequencies:
    WCDMA/900/2100, GSM 850/900/1800/1900, HSPA, GPRS Class 12, WiFi

    so milestone should be able to use 850-mhz-band, too, even a german model. but i don´t know which standard they use in costa rica.. in germany it´s "wcdma". in the usa they´ve got another standard and now it´s the question which one is used in costa rica.
  3. #3 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    I bought my milestone during a trip to the US last on january, but i didn't notice that i was german. I've tested brasil's and argentina's sbfs, but it still doesn't recognize the 850 3g, so i was wondering if there was any other possiblity?
  4. #4 KisteBier, 20.03.2010
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    a german milestone in the usa? *lol* sounds funny ;)
    ok. as you tested brazilian and argentinian .sbf-files without bettering i presume that it doesn´t work.. those sbf-files change the baseband, too. at least i think so... had you had a look at the phone´s details after flashing those .sbf-files? especially the information about baseband?

    didn´t the salesman tell you about the fact that it´s a _german_ one..? ^^ bad salesman.. go get him ;)
  5. #5 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Yes and it changes, but still no 3g. I have also modify the telephony config, using root, but nothing, what i thought was that maybe changing some configuration from the build.prop or something like that could help. But my knowledge about this things is pretty little.
  6. #6 KisteBier, 20.03.2010
    i would assume that argentinian/brazilian build.prop should contain these informations as it´s an elemental part of the firmware. and i guess baseband and those things the phone shows in phone details come from build.prop. but it´s the same for me - my knowledge about build.prop is very limited.
    which firmware have you got on the phone now? if argentinian/brazilian copy the build.prop-file to your sdcard and post it here. i´ll compare them then.
  7. #7 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Actually i'm in the 2.1 dach rooted. But i can get a Brasilian or an Argentinan build.prop
  8. #8 KisteBier, 20.03.2010
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    if this is not a problem for you, please send or post it, i´ll copy mine onto my computer and wait four your file for comparison.

    i´ll have a look in here after i woke up. it´s quarter to five am now and i´m pretty tired :)
    have a nice evening, think we´ll write again tomorrow/later.
  9. #9 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Hi, sorry for making you wait so much, i attach the build.prop from a friend with a brasilian 2.0.1, who actually uses 850mhz 3g.


  10. #10 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Edit: In my country the standard is wcdma too. There should be no problem, that's why i think it should be resolve by software, it's not a hardware issue
  11. #11 Jose Mario M., 20.03.2010
    Better don't waste time with build.prop, a friend has told me that he substituded his brasilian build.prop for a hong kong build.prop and he still got 3g. It may be neccesary to modify another file. Any ideas?
  12. It's most likely a hardware issue which can't be fixed because the german Milestones 3G radio isn't capable of running at 850MHz. I have never heard of any kind of cell phone having a tri-band 3G radio build in but disabling one frequency band by software/firmware. Why would you want to do that? I'm sorry but it's pretty save to assume the german Milestone only has a dual-band radio 1900/2100 and there is no way to enable 850MHz.

    I hope I'm wrong and you get the 850MHz working, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.
  13. #13 Jose Mario M., 21.03.2010
    Yes thats true, i think i better get used to living without 3g.. :(
  14. #14 KisteBier, 21.03.2010
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    @jose mario
    i´m very sorry :/ if it´s like it seems, you´ll really have to live with this problem.. really bad thing.
    i assume it´s too late for returning the phone and get one that´s working for you?

    schon komisch.. haste dir mal die spezifikationen vom stein auf der motorola-site angesehen? die hab ich so rauskopiert und da steht tatsächlich 850 mhz mit drin ^^ gewundert hat´s mich ja auch, aber wenn´s drin steht und nicht bietet, wäre das ein produktmangel.. zumindest in deutschland könnte er das teil somit zurückgeben, da eine zugesicherte und beworbene eigenschaft nicht geboten wird. nun ist´s halt fraglich, wie die rechtslage hierbei in den usa aussieht (da er´s ja in den staaten kaufte..)
  15. Ist eigentlich alles richtig auf der Motorola Homepage. Auf der DE, UK und ES Seite steht dabei...
    - WCDMA/900/2100
    - GSM 850/900/1800/1900
    ...also ein Dual-Band UMTS Modem und Quad-Band GSM Modem.

    I have found this thread over at alldroid.org: UK / German Stones Support 850/1900 Issue Put To Rest

    Motorola had to file two requests with the US FCC agency. They shouldn't have to do that if the phones where identical. The document about the european Milestone states 900/2100 as WCDMA frequencies, while the american Milestone operates at 850/1900/2100. I pretty convinced we are looking at two Milestones with different radios.
  16. #16 KisteBier, 21.03.2010
    hast natürlich recht ^^ ich depp... da hätte ich offensichtlich erst ins bett und dann posten sollen ;)

    aber gut zu wissen, daß die eu- und us-geräte sich da unterscheiden. wieder was gelernt..

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