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  1. uvmann, 28.09.2010 #1

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    Nach Chrome To Phone die nächste kleine Spielerei mit riesengroßem Alltagsmehrwert, gleich wie oft man sie wirklich braucht: Android Notifier.

    Ich zitiere der Einfachheit halber mal, denn mit der offiziellen Beschreibung ist erstmal alles gesagt und die App/Software funktioniert auch soweit hier im Test ganz hervorragend. Extrem praktisch. Hab ich schon mal gesagt, dass ich begeistert bin? ;)

    "This project sends notifications to a desktop computer when certain events happen on an Android device, such as the phone ringing, an SMS being received, or the battery running low. The notifications can be sent over Wifi, Bluetooth, or (in the future) USB.

    It runs as a service on android, consuming little resources while no events are happening, and the desktop application notifies the user about the event in some way (Growl on Mac, Gnome dbus notifications on Linux, Growl for Windows or System tray alert on Windows), including information such as the number that's calling.

    This is useful for people (like the developer) who wear noise-cancelling headphones, keep their cell phone in their bags, or don't want to be interrupted to look at a vibrating cell phone in a meeting.

    The desktop application is available for the Mac, and for all other platforms at our sister project android-notifier-desktop (we're working to merge the two projects, but for now they're separate)