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Appeak Poker Beta

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Spiele" wurde erstellt von Appeak, 06.08.2010.

  1. Try out Appeak Poker – A brand new Texas hold'em game that lets you play against competition from all over the world.

    • 1000 chips in daily bonus
    • In-game chat
    • Comprehensive game log
    • 27 avatars
    • Play money only

    Appeak Poker is currently in beta. If you find any bugs, please let us know about them.

    Ich hoffe es ist ok in Englisch zu posten. Sie können in Deutsch antworten.

  2. #2 r4ff0r, 06.08.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.08.2010
    Super Spiel, macht spass :)

    was mich bisher lediglich stört:

    1. Man kann die Tische nicht sortieren. Kenne es von einigen Spielen, dass man die Tische sortieren kann, sprich oben die vollen tische etc. Das wäre noch super

    2. Wenn der Flop kommt, hackt der Sound des Kartenlegens hinterher. Also die Karten liegen und dann kommt der Sound dafür. Das ist etwas verwirrend ;)

    aber sonst, TOP :)

    edit: mir fallen noch 2 sachen ein.

    1. Wäre es super, wenn man am table sieht, welcher table es ist. Sodass man wieder an diesen zurückkehren kann wenn man kurzzeitig aussetzt oder so.

    2. wäre es super wenn man optionen hat, seinen stack zu ändern ohne den tisch zu verlassen. Wenn ich gut was gewinne, aber nicht alles im spiel haben möchte, das ich bspw. wieder auf den mindest einsatz gehen kann.
    Appeak bedankt sich.
  3. Thank you for your suggestions!

    - Later today we will release a new version where you can choose to sort tables ascending or descending and to hide full tables.

    - Unfortunately the sound seem to sync differently on different devices. We have tried to find a mean value when to play the sounds, but it is not perfect on all phones. What phone are you using?

    - When you are at a table and you press the menu button you can see which table you are at.

    - We will consider the option to change your stack without leaving the table.
  4. thanks for the reply. nice to hear that there will be a new version later today :)

    im using a galaxy s i9000, concerning the sound problems.
  5. #5 Schleemil, 06.08.2010
    Nice app.

    But no offline play against CPU.... damn ;-)
  6. #6 tomcat84, 06.08.2010
    Installing it now.

    I used "Red Poker Club" before, but now I didnt play for some time and they have changed the app... I didnt like their old client that much anyway, so Ill try out Appeak now! Looks promising.
  7. #7 lordofcamster, 06.08.2010
    Do you plan to insert offline game?
  8. The new version is out now. Also made some changes to the sounds. Please tell us if it's better or worse.

    What were your impressions?

    At this time we don't have any plans on implementing an offline mode.
  9. #9 tomcat84, 06.08.2010
    I like it, looks clean and is easy to use. I can say I wont switch back to Red Poker Club (or whatever its called now ;))...

    One thing I didnt understand is the password creation... first you enter your desired password and then Appeak shows a completely different password and tells you to write that down... Whats with that? :confused:

    I mean, its only a small thing, but I wonder why you made it that way?
  10. The generate button is only for when you don't want to enter a password by yourself. You don't have to press it, and if you enter your own password that is the one that will be used.

    Edit: Perhaps this should be made more clear.
  11. #11 tomcat84, 06.08.2010
    Aahhh... ok now I feel stupid :D
    I must admit... that is quite obvious anyway. :)
  12. much better now, thanks :)
  13. Hehe, no problem! Glad you like the game!

    Good! If you experience any other problems, please email us or post here.
  14. New version released.

    Changelog version 0.9:
    - Optional four-color deck
    - Option to disable chat
    - Bugfixes
  15. I've been testing this game for a few days now and I really like it, great work.

    I play online poker at my pc regularly, and I always use the 4 color deck there. In all the poker sites I play spades are black and clubs are green. Not that it's a real problem, just wanted to mention it ;)

    And I would really love to see a possibility for auto-rebuy. For example I buy in for 200 chips at the 1/2 tables and I fall below 180 chips, it would automatically fill up to 200 again after the running hand.
  16. You are right, that seems to be more common. A new update is now available.

    We will look at the auto-rebuy feature for future releases.

    Thank you for your feedback!

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