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  1. hamleto, 15.07.2010 #1

    hamleto Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Hi everybody,
    unfortunately I don't speak german, but I follow your community (thanks to google instant translation) and I think you're the best providing info and tricks for our milestone:)

    I would like to know if you can suggest me how to install a black notification bar on my MIlestone with Rom_SHOLS_U2_02.38.0, I read that this rom introduce some difference and it's not possible to install notification bar created for previous version.

    I don't want to install a whole theme, just the notification bar, ca you help me?

    Thanks for all!

  2. AndroidJunkie, 18.07.2010 #2

    AndroidJunkie Android-Lexikon

    Try this:


    Make a backup of your old files and dont forget to set the permissions...

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