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Blood Mary Ghost

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Spiele" wurde erstellt von mmztech, 10.05.2012.

  1. #1 mmztech, 10.05.2012
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 17.08.2012


    Invoke her if you dare!

    Bloody Mary Project is a mix of an adventure game with real paranormal scanning, so if you meet Mary and succeed to invoke her using this app there's a high change that your place is haunted.
    The Bloody Mary Project presents a new way of entertainment, creating a personalized experience for each user. Imagine being part of a story and, with your own perceptions and choices, write their end.
    The story is divided into chapters (releases free in updates). As a novel, the course and its end are undefined and will depend on your choices.

    - Stunning 3D/Hand Drawing Graphics
    - Innovative Real Time System (If you play during day/night that reflects in game)
    - Dynamic Events Based on Real Time
    - EMF Sensor that collects data and transform in events
    - New Chapter Every Month!
    - Constantly Updates

    WARNING: Recommended to Adults Only.

    Bloody Mary - Ghost mixes horror adventure style gaming with real ghost hunting

  2. #2 mmztech, 15.05.2012
    Update 1.2.1 released.
  3. #3 mmztech, 06.06.2012
    1.2.3 Changes:
    - New App Icon
    - Fixed a typo in doctor's letter
    - Fixed a rare bug in 2nd floor locked door
    - Fixed a bug that prevents to move cubes
  4. #4 mmztech, 21.06.2012
    Update 1.3 Released!

    Whats New:
    - New Content: Introducing Chapter II
    - New Feature: Timeless Mode (Check instructions to learn more)
    - Difficult Balanced
    - Minor Bugs Fixes

  5. #5 Arcelor, 22.06.2012
    Hat jemand eine Empfehlung, ob sich der Kauf lohnt?
  6. #6 mmztech, 17.08.2012
    Update 1.3.2 Released!

    What's New:
    - Hint System
    - Screen Optimization (black bars no more!)
    - New Interface (In preparation to Chapter III)
    - E.M.F. Event Tweaking
    - Minor Fixes/Optimizations

    Update 1.4 (Chapter III) SOON!
  7. #7 Arcelor, 18.08.2012

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