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  1. Loki23, 30.12.2011 #1

    Loki23 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    Coral City BETA Testers Wanted!

    Coral City lets players dive deep underwater to the bottom of the sea to build their own oceanic city. Coral City sets out to captivate the hearts of gamers around the world with lively characters, innovative gameplay, social features and colorful humor for all ages. Players will quickly notice that Coral City delivers a very original and cute art direction which will set it apart from many other casual titles on the Android platform. The game will be free to play and officially launch in early February 2012.

    Please fill out the form to participate in our exclusive closed BETA: http://bit.ly/u4nf49

    Lonely Sock is a mobile social games development start-up based in Prague, Czech Republic. Android is the focus platform and fun gaming experiences the highest priority. The team consists of 8 games industry veterans mostly from Disney Mobile and Electronic Arts. Lonely Sock - Entertaining you with great mobile social games for Android
  2. Dr.Andre, 31.12.2011 #2

    Dr.Andre Android-Experte


    it would be good to see some screenshots of this game, so we can see whether we want to test it or not. :) But it sounds very nice.
    Loki23 und delpiero223 haben sich bedankt.
  3. Loki23, 05.01.2012 #3

    Loki23 Threadstarter Neuer Benutzer

    You can check some pictures from game at Lonely Sock Game Teasing | Facebook
    DISCLAIMER: This picture is work in progress and doesn´t represent the quality of final product.
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