1. trautna, 04.03.2010 #1

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    Hier ist die schnellste ROM derzeit (laut XDAs).
    Das ist die ROM auf der Blue Magic basiert nur schwarz (laut screenshot).
    Dürfte die selben Sachen wie Blue Magic beinhalten, habe sie leider noch nicht getestet.

    Hier noch die Inhaltsangabe von XDA:

    Very Quick
    Support format jrosMetamorph Themes
    Amplified Audio (micro) standard but not the tones
    Supports ext2 / ext3 / ext4
    Launcher modded(configurable number of columns)
    Spare parts (activate the option from Home app)
    Configurable number of columns in apps
    Market applications with payment
    Browser multitouch
    MMS working
    Bluetooth transfer
    SupSetup V4 with special options for Bluetooth (in special options are a new option for Bluetooth) and for the issues
    Edited from 0 the framework to solve the blocking calls and optimization of png's

    * Applications with payment on the Market are disabled by default (only for operations that does not contract with Google, Optus, Vodafone, Orange,).
    lack of payment to activate the market leave like this.

    Applications that are installed by default in the rom:

    * ApnDroid
    * Better Terminal
    * Bluetooth File Transfer
    * 2.7 wysie Contacts
    * Email Exchange
    * File Explorer Estrongs
    * Free Memory
    * Google Maps 4.0 with Google's GPS navigator
    * Sound Recorder
    * JrosMetamorph
    * News & Weather
    * Phone V22.3
    * QuickBoot (to restart the phone easily)
    * USB tether
    * Wireless tether