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  1. BeXo, 25.01.2011 #1

    BeXo Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer

    Hallo, hab grad ein cooles Spiel entdeckt.. Hat 60 Leveln



    This game is adapted from "otem Destroyer" -- classical physics engine game.

    Your task is to bomb various obstacles but at the same time you should be careful to not let the penguin fall to the ground, or the task fail.

    How to play:
    .Wooden box, tires and balloons can be bombed. Click the item to bomb it.
    .Black iron can’t be bombed. It is safe for penguin to fall on it.
    .Be careful, you have fixed number of bombs. After you used all bombs and the penguin doesn’t fall to the ground, you pass the level. Or you fail.

    .50 levels. Enjoy the process of game.
    .You can try different ways to complete the task.

    More levels are coming soon...

    Recent changes:
    Add 10 more levels

    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 25.01.2011

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