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    Sorry for using inglish...but i dont know german :p

    Edit: For the new version you need to apply the 3G hack...srry for that

    DropTheme [Port]

    Original Thread/Theme: DropTheme [MM] - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid & the Motorola Droid Forum

    It's a port from the Droid Theme

    It mods:

    -Almost all the launchers [helixlauncher, launcherpro, laucnher2, launcher, adw launcher]
    -Some Widgets
    -Icons [DarkEdge ones, but with the light blue]
    -and some other things

    Pics:D:{attatchments} [Sorry for the GrupoAndroid image on the pics....i had to do it for the other forum....]

    Things to do:

    -Change color to Icons
    -Mod something on the phone app
    -Change something in the mms app
    -Mod Email
    -That's all...i think ;)

    Downloads :D

    -DropThemePORT: http://www.multiupload.com/TZ09VQ3ZRA

    Hope you like it.....Give your opinion!!!


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  3. Very nice, fresh design :D
  4. #4 mattmaso, 08.07.2010
    schland oh scland... sorry im drunken -.-
  5. #5 antonyfl, 08.07.2010
    could you post up the dialer apk? or is it not possible? I just want the dialer on my rooted milestone
  6. Coming soon..... :(
    And when? :confused:
  7. #7 landroidfan, 13.07.2010

  8. What do you mean with this?

    Is the theme .36 compatible, or not?
  9. how to install this theme??via openrecovery, or metamorph?!
  10. #10 jim_hardcore, 13.07.2010
    ich schätze mal metamorph, so wie es im original beitrag steht !
    Po0yAn bedankt sich.
  11. #11 landroidfan, 13.07.2010
    No it's a Nandroid Backup...so it's a full system...its a 2.1er but for SudAmerica so you need to apply 3G hack
  12. Ein Nandroid-Backup? Wer weiß was uns da untergejubelt werden soll. Das Design ist nicht so toll, dass ich dies riskieren würde, dieses Backup auszuprobieren. Macht garantiert nur Probleme. Wenn ich schon höre "3G Hack".... :eek::eek::eek:
  13. #13 landroidfan, 13.07.2010
    no it doesn't cause problems it's just that it's from another region so it doesn't have the 3G bands on Europe
  14. #14 he_stheone64, 15.07.2010
    I trust it would be easier, if you post only framework, apps and fonts in a zip. If you pack them in the same folder hierarchy like in my themes, I can send you a script for OpenRecovery, since this will be easier for most guys here. Just let me know.

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