[english] german qwertz keychars+keylayout files

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  1. #1 saptemai, 07.06.2010
    hello, droid-hilfe.de.

    first of all excuse me for using english, but i do not speak german, and my problem relates to you guys.

    more specific, i need the contents from the following directories:

    i need the files from a 2.1 German ROM, because ALL the milestones sold here (Romania) have qwertz keyboards

    reason: i'm using a central european 2.1 rom, and 2.1 doesn't allow the selection of qwerty/qwertz keymapping.

    thank you/danke schon.
  2. #3 saptemai, 07.06.2010
    that was pretty damn fast. thanks

    i suppose the thread can now be closed/deleted.

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