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    Hello everybody,
    I'm looking for translators for my new Android App: a collection of 101 riddles and mind-teasers.

    The app is now in beta-testing, it is written in english and I would like to add german translations before releasing it on the market.
    The translator(s) will be awarded a free and full copy of the game and mentioned (if they like so) in the credits of the german version of the game.

    The translation is needed for:
    • 101 questions (about 3 or 4 sentences each)
    • 101 answers (about 1 or 2 sentences each)
    • 101 titles (just a few words each)

    To get involved, please contact me at: a.s.hereb AT gmail.com


    (My apologies to the forum admins if this is not the most suited place to insert the thread: I don't speak german and it has been quite difficult for me to find the right folder for the topic.)