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  1. The Matrix, 16.04.2010 #1
    The Matrix

    The Matrix Threadstarter Android-Hilfe.de Mitglied

    in my milestone, i have installed some (free) applications manually (in system and in data). when i connect to the market, this applications are listed in the downloads tab (even if i have downloaded using another via).
    detects google my installed applications when i connect to the market? to thr network?
    and if any of these applications are not free?
  2. cinereous, 16.04.2010 #2

    cinereous Gast

    Your Milestone knows yxour installed apps and so they are shown in your downloads, not google in any way.
    Not free applications should be buyed, so its not interesting if google knows, cause your market app shows them cause its in the google database. . All other apps neither free nor not payed are not legal.