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    My tablet is an android Chinese tablet, has no brand and therefore has no technical support or updates, I researched and researched and I could not get decent firmwares, and I realized that this tablet works like that Nova Cat (I install the rom 2.3 of the official site and it works...),

    My tablet has the following features:

    8 inch 1.2 GHz cortex A8 tcc8803
    512mb Ram

    This is how it looks:

    but I have problems with the tablet:

    1 - You do not see the videos but you can hear the audio.
    2 - Do not rotate the screen (orientation)
    3 - Do not lock the screen.

    And you know what funny?, That all problems are solved when deleting user data (restore factory settings) everything works as if by magic ... but the good does not last forever and only works well the first time that I use factory data reset, because all the other times you turn on the tablet again the problems comes back! (and I do not want to have to restore the data from factory each time that turn on the tablet :S) I do not know if the problem is related to the bootloader (I believe that is a software configuration problem), I hope someone can help me, because I think this is a decent tablet (not so good but enough for what I need)

    PS: I know, this is a german forum and I am speaking English, the truth is I do not know any German, I speak Spanish and if my English is not very good my German is worse, but I am desperate and this is the only forum internet all that is related to both cat nova, greetings from Colombia n.n
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    Hello wolfstain and welcome,

    yeah, that looks like the Cat Nova and the specs are the same.

    Did you do the sd-card update or the flash-update ?
    I think it's possible that the bootloader of your tablet did not correctly match the nand-data and partitions of the Nova firmware.

    You should try the flash-update but you do it at your own risk.
    Android 2.3 zum Flashen für Cat Nova

    Sorry, the update manual is only in german, please try to translate via google etc.

    Good luck
  3. #3 wolfstain, 02.07.2012
    I have upgraded from those of the two forms, both from the sd, and from the PC following the instructions on the page so it seems to me strange that does not work.

    Are there other causes for this problem? ... this is like a puzzle to me: why it works well when you start to factory settings and after turn off the problems comes back ? ... this happens both with the firmware catnova and with another internet roms... could be a hardware issue? and if so: why does it right the first time you start with the factory settings?

    I appreciate all of your help n.n
  4. #4 xminister, 02.07.2012
    As far as i know, when the system only works for one time after a factory reset, the bootloader (ik.rom) doesn't match the nand-data.
    So i don't think that's a hardware issue.
    I and the user dickenseck from this board, have got some of such issues by trying out some different firmware and bootloader from other devices on the Nova.

    Did you successfully flash the ik.rom and nand-data from the firmware-files ?
    ...and the problem remains the same ? Uh!
    I don't now why...

    You can also try the new Android 4.0 update (from the CatSound site). It have some small bugs but runs flawlessly on my tablet.

  5. #5 wolfstain, 02.07.2012
    Also I tried with 4.0 but does not touch screen
  6. #6 dickenseck, 02.07.2012
  7. #7 xminister, 02.07.2012
    Okay, thats a well known problem.
    It exist two tablet models with different touch hardware.

    Try the 'no-touch-firmware' from here
    and your touch should work (i hope so).
    Be careful to delete the old flash-files from your PC befor making the update, the flash-software saves the paths and files from the last use, so do you put carefully the correct files in the tool.
  8. #8 wolfstain, 02.07.2012
    Could you please write the full link? (I'm browsing from a proxy so I can not access the links)
  9. #9 xminister, 02.07.2012
  10. #10 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
    It's beautiful! works perfect! and android 4.0 Better than expected!!! :D many thanks to you very much!
  11. #11 xminister, 03.07.2012

    Look at the CatSound website in the next weeks.
    It should come some updates to fix the bugs in the actual 4.0 version.
    That can be interesting for you, but keep the actual version on a safe place to go back on problems with other firmwares.

    Greetings to Colombia from Germany
    and have fun with the tablet
  12. #12 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
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    Now another problem has appeared ... I can not explore the sd from the file browser, although the system configuration is shown connected.

    How I can get into recovery mode?
  13. #13 xminister, 03.07.2012
    Set the ES Explorer standard path to /
    or use the left star-symbol 'favorites' on top-left of the explorer to navigate.
    The intern SD-Memory is in /mnt/sdcard an the extern Micro-SD is in /mnt/ext_sd

    There is a bug in the permissions for the extern SD-Card, so you have only read access to this card.
    You can fix this issue by installing a small fix from here
    Copy this file to your microSD-Card.

    Shut down your tablet.
    Keep the volume minus button and power-on button pressed until you see a lying android with a exclamation mark over it.
    Press (touch) the menu-button (4 squares) an you come into the recovery menu.
    Use volume-keys to navigate to 'apply update from sd card' press the power-button to confirm.
    Navigate to the file (with vol buttons) and press power-button.
    The update begins and takes only a few seconds.
  14. #14 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
    I see a lying android with a exclamation mark over it (its dead? xD) but the touchpad is not enable, so I can not touch the button of the four squares u.u
  15. #15 xminister, 03.07.2012
    Sometimes the softkeys doesn't respond in time.
    Try to touch often or touch the screen first and then the softkey.
  16. #16 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
    No, I try but it does not enable, ¿there is no other way?
  17. #17 xminister, 03.07.2012
    No, there is no known other way at this time.
    Does no softkey lightup by touching it ? home, search, back ?
  18. #18 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
    No there is no lightup when I touch it shit!

    In some rom of em86, there is the possibility of starting in recovery mode to update, but the cat nova roms do not bring this option u.u, I have an application to restart in recovery mode but I need to be root u.u :(
  19. #19 xminister, 03.07.2012
    Thats new in Android 4 and have nothing to do with the cat nova.
    In Android 2.3, you came direct into recovery-menu when you press vol- and power.

    The app doesn't help you. He boots the tablet exactly to this point, who you must press the menu-key.

    It should be possible to start recovery over adb (android-debug-bridge) like in Android 2.3 over a console from pc. I have not try'd this, because Android 4 is out for 5 days.
  20. #20 wolfstain, 03.07.2012
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    I have read about modify a rom and does not seem complicated, at least I know roms to make Apk preinstalled at the rom, I also wonder if I can change the roms to have pre-installed packages like that ext_sd-patch...but now that I think the problem is that the file is for fwdn and can not be changed -not that I know-

    OMG that's the way, if you fix something, seems you have to damage something else :S... and just 5 days of release, I wonder if there will be installable from SD version of ""... I think I can only expect a new version where they fix the problem, I hope to launch soon uu

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 01:34 Uhr wurde um 01:42 Uhr ergänzt:

    I was not configured well the initial directory... now it works, sorry and thanks

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