Helppp Galaxy don´t want turn on

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  1. #1 cryingfreeman, 28.10.2009
    my galaxy doesn´t want turn on...Samsung logo goes fine but android logo goes round and around and there start up ends

    please help
  2. #2 p.leppla, 28.10.2009
    Hi, what have you done?
  3. #3 cryingfreeman, 28.10.2009
    I gave my Galaxy on charger because battery was on 0 percent and after 3-4 hours I go turn on Galaxy but startuo ends on android logo
  4. #4 p.leppla, 28.10.2009
    Have you tried du pull the battery in an out? Or a reset?
  5. #5 cryingfreeman, 28.10.2009
    yes i pull battery out...Have can i do reset when i am not in os?
  6. Do you flashed your phone with a custom ROM?

    If not - simply press "volume down" + "dial Key" + "hangup Key" at the same time when your phone is switched off and white a little while till the samsung galaxy logo appears.

    After that you will see a warning sign. In order to start recovery simply press the "menu key".

    But beware:
    ALL YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED (such as settings, installed apps etc. - except the content on the internal sdcard)


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