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    Rom Update

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  4. #4 GARSTIG, 28.04.2011
    Change log for 7.0.1-0.08-11.04.24

    Update Twitter app (remove theme, now app can be updated from market)
    Update Facebook app (remove theme, now app can be updated from market)
    Update LauncherPro app (remove theme, now app can be updated from market)
    Some memory management tweak (should be great out of the box no more script or autokiller needed)
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download HO!NO!-CM7.0.1-0.08-11.04.24_Update.zip
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  5. #5 GARSTIG, 05.05.2011
    Change log for 7.1.0-RC0-11.05.03

    Update many app (can't remenber all of them)
    Remove all theme from google app so then can be update from market
    (i work on cm7 theme to look like it was before)
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download Update-Full_rom-HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC0-11.05.03-Milestone.zip

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  10. #10 GARSTIG, 27.05.2011
    Change log for 7.1.0-RC6-11.05.26_v2

    Add all png for 1% battery and now show % when charging
    Forgot to remove( /system/bin/fbread
    Small change in overclock
    Now using zeppelinrox V6 SuperCharger multitask settings
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download: HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC6-11.05.26_Update_v2.zip
  11. #11 GARSTIG, 28.05.2011
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    Change log for 7.1.0-RC7-11.05.27

    New tweak for performance and battery life
    Change overclock and vsel for no more boot loop
    Found what triger ksoftirqd so badly and kill battery so fast.
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download ROM Complete: Update-Full_rom-HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC7-11.05.27-Milestone.zip

    Download ROM Update: To come...
  12. #12 GARSTIG, 01.06.2011
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  13. #13 GARSTIG, 07.06.2011
    Change log for 7.1.0-RC9-11.06.06

    Update Google Maps and Superuser apk
    Add zipalign at boot
    Small change in low memory killer
    Some other thing i can't remember
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download ROM Update: HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC9-11.06.06_Update.zip
  14. #14 GARSTIG, 08.06.2011
    Change log for 7.1.0-RC9-11.06.07

    Change all apk to gain 6meg of free space in system folder
    Quick GPS fix
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download ROM Update: HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC9-11.06.07_Update.zip
  15. #15 GARSTIG, 17.06.2011
    Change log for 7.1.0-RC10-11.06.14

    Memory management change (hope is the last time)
    Overclock step change and replace minimum 125mhz by 250mhz
    now update, wipe dalvik-cache by itself
    and many minor change i can't remember.
    add in rom in data folder (so you can remove by system):
    theme.Sculpted (the one i mod for this rom)
    Fallow Nadlabak change.

    Download ROM Update: HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC10-11.06.14_Update.zip
    moviecut bedankt sich.
  16. #16 GARSTIG, 27.06.2011
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 28.06.2011
    Change log for CM7.1.0-RC10-11.06.26

    Important: You need to full wipe data, cache, dalvik before using this rom!
    The best Rom i made so far...well i think
    I cut in speed going from 1000mhz to 850mhz and reduce vsel too, i get really good balance between battery life and performance.
    I add some tweak and adjust low memory killer now the phone is flying, getting between 70- 80 free ram.
    New boot animation and sound from here
    Some apk update
    Add adbd during boot
    Sd card read boost to 3072
    moving some apk to data folder (for the last time and this is why you need to full wipe the phone before using this)

    Download ROM Complete: Update-Full_rom-HO!NO!_CM7.1.0-RC10-11.06.26-Milestone.zip

    Nochmal zur Erinnerung:
    Wenn ihr das ROM neu installiert, solltet ihr in der OR das German Baseband flashen, da das ROM ein anderes enthält und somit Telefon- sowie Datendienste höchstens eingeschränkt zur Verfügung stehen.

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