HTC magic language ?

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  1. Hi,

    I would like to buy a HTC Magic in Germany.
    Is there somebody (from germany) who knows if it's possible to change the German language off android into English or Dutch.

    Is it possible to change the layout from the on screen keyboard from qwertz to qwerty or azerty ?

    Who can answer my questions ?

    Greetz from Belgium... ;)
  2. #2 whitenexx, 18.05.2009
    I'm not sure but i think that wouldn't be a problem to flash a english firmware to a german device. Maybe someone knows more...
  3. I hope somebody knows a way to do this ?

  4. Hi, there is no problem Android is Multilanguage. You can change the language in the settings. I'm from Italy and my first language is german, so my magic was italian and one click and you can change the language.

  5. Tanks for the information! :)
  6. i think the only problem will be the hardware QWERTZ layout. its not QWERTY....if u dont mind that!

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