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  1. philippsp, 03.03.2011 #1

    philippsp Threadstarter Android-Lexikon


    Supercurio von den XDAs hat einen Kernel für JV1 mit coolen Features veröffentlicht!

    Ich zitiere einfach mal:


    As lots of Galaxy S friends (hello guys*) I started hacking Samsung Gingerbread kernel for GT-I9000.

    I'll publish here a few random versions and comments, based on the Voodoo lagfix mods injected in this kernel.
    It's not stable, it's not even meant to be used. Really, just for learning and fun and learning.

    Kernels are not supported, bug reports are not welcome
    basically everything is assumed broken until proven working - and might be broke, in the next version

    Don't tell what's not working, tell me if you discover things that does*
    I publish the kernel only because I know you like it - and asked for it*

    Dev & hack discussion is very welcome however.



    repack utils:*https://github.com/project-voodoo/kernel_repack_utils

    build scripts:*https://github.com/project-voodoo/scripts


    If you want more news I suggest you to*follow my twitter account
    as it's here than I'm speak the most about what's happening.


    > Mit Odin als PDA ohne Repartion flashen

    Viel Spaß damit ;)
    GalaxyS Generation bedankt sich.

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