Language Settings and Keyboard layout

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  1. Hi,

    First of all, sorry for not posting in German, but my German is not good enough to explain what it is I'm looking for.

    I can read German, so feel free to reply in German.

    I'm about to purchase an HTC Desire phone from to be delivered in Belgium. I'm assumming the phone will be pre-configured in the German language.

    Do you guys know if I'll be able to set the phone language and keyboard layout to the English or Dutch?

    Do you guys know of an online shop who's even cheaper than

    Vielen Dank,

  2. #2 wanschi, 11.06.2010
    i have my desire feom amazon germany. so its free of branding and simlock. i can choose between german, english, french and italian language. dutch isn´t availiable on my phone.
    HTC Desire Preisvergleich bei Deutschland
    on this page you can see the actuall prices. they start with 437€

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