Market is force closing

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  1. #1 foreman, 30.04.2010
    Market is force closing, download app fine but when market app goes to install, it force closes! has stopped unexpectedly
    I have replace Vending.apk without result.
    I can still install the app by navigating to cache and install from there with root explorer but would rather fix market.
    Any ideas
  2. #2 gbomacfly, 30.04.2010
    you can try to delete the folder /data/data/ and perhaps the files in dalvik-cache
  3. #3 foreman, 30.04.2010
    Ok. tried that but it didnt work, it is back to the drawing board
  4. #4 eybee1970, 30.04.2010
    ok , try this:

    settings - applications - manage applications - set Filter to all - go to 'market updater' - delete the updates --> go to 'market cache' - delete the cache - restart

    that worked for me :)
    TeKaCe bedankt sich.
  5. #5 foreman, 30.04.2010
    yes that worked, :) thanks
  6. #6 eybee1970, 30.04.2010
    np, fine :)
    btw, there is a button for saying thanks ;)
  7. #7 foreman, 30.04.2010
    I had to use google translate to work out which was the reply button!
    BTW, while trying to get market to work I replaced Vending.apk with one from a blue theme.
    After deleting the updates the blue themed market app showed up

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