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  1. XVilka, 28.08.2010 #1

    XVilka Threadstarter Junior Mitglied

    Good night all!

    As you know, we (and-developers.com) not yet crack bootloader, but have now a lot of info and expierence with it. So we decide to grow to the all OMAP Motorola platform : Motorola OMAP/Wrigley3G/Quallcomm

    1. Motorola Milestone (our primary target)
    2. Motorola Droid
    3. Motorola Droid X
    4. Motorola Droid 2
    5. Motorola MOTOROI/Milestone XT720
    6. Motorola Sholes Tablet XT701
    7. Motorola Titanium XT800
    8. Motorola Ruth ME511 aka. Flipout
    And now we already moved all info on new MediaWiki engine, and going to run some collaborative services, very useful for developers and reverse engineers.

    Now we on http://www.droid-developers.org/

    Wiki on and-developers.com now deprecated, and after all portal will be works fine, both sites will be running in the clowd mode (as claster nodes)
    FieserKiller, casula, selbaer und 16 andere haben sich bedankt.