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    Copy&Pasting from Facebook group :
    Moto-Milestone Updates and Apps | Facebook

    1) Download the files
    2) open the "RSDLite4.5.3_浬佛査晒.msi
    3) just click the 2nd button till it install
    4) then open the program
    5) select the button that got 2 "?" it's next to a place where you can write
    6) then it will open a window and browse your SHOLS_U2_01.14.0_UCASHLSEMEAB1B803F.0R_USASHLS00RTHKSG_P007_A004_HWp2a_Service1FF.sbf
    7) connect your phone on phone tools option
    8)it will apear in a box.. you will know because it will have your imei
    9) select your phone so your info will apear in a box on the upper side
    10) then select a button that have 3 "?"( its the third from right to left
    11) after a while it will said FAIL in status
    12) after that another device will appear select it and you will end up with android 2.0.1 for milestone

    Files : MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service

    Was anderes : 2 Nexus one Apps - MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
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    kurz genauer geschaut und gesucht, dann wüsstest du, das diese kiste schon seit langem hier diskutiert wird ;)
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    Schade, daß das jetzt über rummgeistert ohne Warnungen und ohne Hinweis darauf, welche Konsequenzen es haben kann.....
    Noch nicht mal erwähnt, daß es eine HK-Version ist.