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  1. #1 The Matrix, 22.04.2010
    i use 2.1 and i have problems with cell-id location, and i need (in order to compare) the older 2.0.1 files (no problems with 2.0.1 rom):


    please, attach the files or send to "basura091 AT"

  2. #2 cinereous, 22.04.2010
    On Downloads your should find everything for your needs, and i bet much more ;)
  3. #3 The Matrix, 22.04.2010
    thank's !
    i don't known the downloads. i will try!
  4. Hi! I also have problems with cell-id location. Since I use 2.1 it's not possible to get the geographical location over cell-ids anymore. Have you been able to fix this problem? And if so: how? ;-) I couldn't find anyone with the same problem until now...

    Cheers, Volker
  5. #5 The Matrix, 16.05.2010
    nope. no solution jet.
  6. Where are you located and what carrier do you use?

    I am in Hannover / Germany and have this problem only with the 3G network of o2 Germany. I have no problems with cell-id location on the 2G network from o2 and with the vodafone network (2G and 3G). I have this problems just with 3G of o2 Germany and furthermore only in specific regions in Germany (I couldn't verify this yet but I heard from people in other regions that they have no problems with 3G from o2).

    Cheers, Volker
  7. #7 The Matrix, 16.05.2010
    vodafone spain
    correct. is a 3g location problem. 2g works fine
    fipsy bedankt sich.

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