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  1. Schleemil, 08.08.2010 #1

    Schleemil Threadstarter Erfahrener Benutzer


    Beschreibung leider in Englisch, aber ich denke mal ihr kommt damit klar ;):

    This thing is a whopping 100 MEGS:eek:! I know people have been looking for this for a while, so I happily present it to you all!

    This is the most visually impressive android game to date, having played the console version and beat it I was amazed at how close they came to replicating the console experience on a android phone. Its that good. The physics are very well done and handle like real cars, and it keeps almost all of the visual elements of the console game so I felt right at home. Having bought it, I would definitely recommend it to other Android gaming enthusiasts.


    More Info:
    This is the full game apk but you must purchase it to unlock it.
    Snapdagon users have been reporting graphical issues. (Desire, Nexus etc)

    Also auf meinem Galaxy S funzt es einwandfrei. Einige User werden wohl Platzprobleme bekommen wegen dieser 97mb APK. Andere wiederrum nicht! Probiert es einfach aus.

    Viel Spass damit! :)


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  2. SlntBob, 08.08.2010 #2

    SlntBob Android-Experte

    Hmmm test ich direkt mal.
  3. Aerox, 08.08.2010 #3

    Aerox Android-Experte

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