New Cyanogen Getuk V.2.2 (indonesian)

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  1. #1 insanrizal, 25.04.2012
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    I created This ROM, you can folowing my thread kaskus OFFICIAL LOUNGE Huawei U8510 Ideos X3 - Kaskus - The Largest Indonesian Community from indonesia

    New ROM Getuk Version 2.2
    This ROM Cyanogen for performance game, smooth and fast.

    enjoy My Getuk :)

    my previous getuk
  2. Sieht auf den ersten Blick ganz gut aus, allerdings ist der Root Explorer in der ROM enthalten.
  3. #3 insanrizal, 25.04.2012
    thank you for trying this rom. so according to you for any further dont use paid applications enter into this rom?

    i from indonesia so I use translator, for that I use English.

    When you find a problem in this ROM please tell me, I'll try to help you.
  4. No, please dont include paid/cracket/warez in your rom. Our forum follows german rights, so we dont help to share stolen/cracked software.

    Thanks for your work building this rom, lets hope you can reach your next projects according this, just remove the paid apps, and your good to go.

    Best regards,
  5. #5 insanrizal, 25.04.2012
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 25.04.2012
    thank you for your suggestions,
    i has erase the paid application . I do not know about the law in Germany.
    I wanted to share my projects. because in my country no one has develoved the ROM for the U8510.

    in this forum x3 has many ROM than xda. and has a lot of respon from user.
    but i dont undestand german language.

  6. I think you can include f.e. the ES File Explorer in your ROM. It is for free and in my opinion better than the root explorer.
  7. #7 insanrizal, 26.04.2012
    okay, maybe next ROM i will add that aplication. thanks for sharing.

    is there bug or problem that gets in this ROM?
  8. #8 Flatterbratz, 26.04.2012
    I like it.
  9. #9 insanrizal, 27.04.2012
    i have new update, enjoy my ROM. i hope my new ROM can make you like it.
  10. it doesn´t matter if you understand german as far as you understand english ;)
    i think your english is much better than mine... :)
  11. Is the rom protected against editing? When I try to modify the zip I get the message that the archive is destroyed.
  12. re download the ROM
    lad die ROM nochmal runter

    Welcher Adreno200 Treiber is denn in der ROM eigentlich verbaut? Hat da mal wer ein benchmark screenshot für mich, oder muss ich selbst testen? :D
  13. #13 insanrizal, 01.05.2012
    I use the driver Adreno Newest, I have screenshots that you want in the page one. bencmark from antutu.
  14. #14 a.w.labadi, 01.05.2012
    Can I install themes in this ROM like ICS MDPI Theme for CM7 in the Android Market?
  15. #15 insanrizal, 02.05.2012
  16. #16 Time_Bandit, 02.05.2012
  17. #17 insanrizal, 04.05.2012
  18. #18 barflyxxl, 05.05.2012
    hi, i use your getuk 2.2.3 rom. after i checked several rom´s from this site, i flashed yours. it´s incredible...many, many thanx for your great work!! :) u made an iphone of this cheapy ideos..;-)
  19. #19 insanrizal, 06.05.2012
    thanks for use getuk...
    If you have a problem with my ROM just contact me, I will try to fix it. :smile:
  20. The problem persists even after re downloading the getuk 2.2.3 rom. Could you provide a solution please?

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