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[NEW GAME] Smartball FREE. (G-sensor)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Android Spiele" wurde erstellt von tanderbold, 25.01.2012.

  1. #1 tanderbold, 25.01.2012
    Check your dexterity and accuracy, enjoy the game!
    Is it easy to pocket the ball getting through a maze? It’s rather easy. But what will you do if the maze is moving itself and there are different traps for the ball? Find the answers to these and other questions playing a new and unusual game Smartball.
    Check your dexterity and accuracy, enjoy the game!
    - 10 free levels of the game and 100 levels in the full version!
    - 3 difficulty levels for everyone.
    - Numerous admirable pictures involving to the atmosphere of each chapter.
    - More than 30 hours of play time.
    - And neverending fight between human and gravity.

    Download free!


  2. #2 tanderbold, 26.01.2012
    Please leave feedback. We really need your opinion.
  3. #3 tanderbold, 28.01.2012
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 29.01.2012
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  5. #5 tanderbold, 30.01.2012
    erzählen von ihren Erfahrungen
  6. #6 tanderbold, 01.02.2012
    diejenigen, die den Kommentar links, danke

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