Nexus Live Wallpaper?

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  1. #1 The Matrix, 16.04.2010
    Ich habe die LiveWallpapers.apk geöffnet und es scheint mir, dass enthält
    Die Nexus Tapete, aber die Live-nexus Tapeten ist nicht gelistet bei
    Hinweis: Von Englisch übersetzt von googlen deutch (Englisch ist nicht meine Muttersprache).


    i have opened the LiveWallpapers.apk and it seems to me that contains
    the nexus wallpaper; but the nexus live wallpaper is not listed at
    live wallpapers menu.
    note: translated from english to deutch by googlen (english is not my native language).
  2. #2 RinTinTigger, 16.04.2010
    Do is a favour, keep it english ;)
  3. #3 The Matrix, 16.04.2010
    I put the translation into Deutch by education, as I write in
    forum of there, but I know that google does not speak much Deutch :)
  4. i like the translation from google :D if I want to laugh, i only copy past some english text in it an read the results :D
  5. #5 The Matrix, 16.04.2010
    used the "LiveWallpapers.apk" from the Pulsar rom.
    in these apk the nexus wallpaper is active.
    i don't known the reason for the deactivation at the stock apk.
  6. #6 chef_koch7777, 16.04.2010
    search "NexusMod Live Wallpaper" in Market.

    This is like the original with more options
  7. #7 KisteBier, 16.04.2010
    slightly offtopic:
    yes babe! google translations everytime makes my day ;)
    (even my english seems to be better than google´s german ;) maybe my french (i´m talking ´bout languages, nothing else :p ), too *rofl*)

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