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  1. Hi

    As mentioned in my other thread I just recieved my Odys Loox today, and I am very pleased with it. However, I am rather annoyed with all the restrictions when you are in Android Market. So many apps are missing, and I dont understand why? Does anybody know? Is there a way to work around this?
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    Wich Apps miss you? Do you confound AndroidPit with Android Market?
  3. I dont have androidpit. What is that? Im missing some games (GT Racing and many more) but also other apps like a danish live tv app.
  4. Oh I do have androidpit...it is called App Center on the Loox. But it is the same as Android Market. It is missing many apps
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    AndroidPit is not the same as Android Market. The Real Google Android Market is something hides in Loox.
    Simple solution:
    Download THIS ANDROID MARKET install and start it...:thumbsup:
  6. I know it is not the same but it redirects you to the real Market...but I have now installed Android Market. Thanks for the link! I doesn't solve the issue though. There are still many apps missing. Is there a solution for this?
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    Sorry, I cannot help you unfortunately. My Table is Space not Loox. Perhaps some Apps do not run on the Loox. When your Loox is announced at Android Market...

    Search and Logon here and send it on your Loox over "Installation"

    It says "This app is compatible with your Loox." ---> or not

    More I cannot offer to you unfortunately... sorry...
  8. Does the Space come with full Market access? When searching on the website, i can find the apps I am looking for but cant install it to the Loox. Very annoying! Maybe I need to root it or something? Has anybody made this work?
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    at loox goto
    accounts & sync settings

    look to manage accounts

    there is an account? if not, you must "ADD ACCOUNT" and logon at google Android Market Account...
  10. I have an account connected to it, that is not the problem...

    The Loox is not compatible with many apps...or so it appears to me. Very annoying
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    in addition I cannot say anything ... search for "android market compatibility check disable" and test or...

    Android Market compatibility problem
  12. awesome...does your firmware allow full market access??
  13. AFAICT yes - the market symbol is on the desktop, and you can enter market; whether it restricts you for certain games or apps I dont know ...
    but I guess its the same as with stock firmware - all I did was removing restriction for the icon (at least I guess so - not sure about if other restrictions are controlled too with this file I've removed)
    Just test - copy to your TF card, and go!

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