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  1. #1 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    Hi , i want to update my pc tablet Odys Loox with Android 2.3.1 to newer version.Can somebody give me a tutorial in ENGLISH?

    Please respond me in English.
  2. #2 chrispar91, 15.02.2012
  3. #3 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    The tutorial is not in english :(
  4. #4 Oma7144, 15.02.2012

    click onto the first "Text anzeigen" and then onto the next "Text anzeigen" ;-)

  5. #5 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    It's not working...No found RKAndroid rock usb
  6. #6 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    Be sure to use the "USB PC" port.

    7. If the Loox tablet is not detected by the PC, hold down the Loox Menu key (M) and press the Loox reset button at the same time. (Use a short pointed object such as a paper clip.)

    8. If you flash for the first time, you have to install the drivers at first.

    9. Select "No, not this time", and then select "Install from a list or specific location", then open the folder update ext3 and then folder
    USBdriver and select x86 for 32bit systems or amd64 for 64bit systems and press OK.

    10. Sometimes the driver file must be selected manually.

    Select "Include this location in Search"
    Browse in the same folder as already described. The driver file must be manually selected.

    11. Click "Next" and then "OK".

    12. Click "Finish" to complete the driver installation.

    The message "The software for the following hardware was installed" confirms the installation was successful.

    13. Now go back to the update tool (RKAndroid 1.29).

    "Found RKAndroid USB Loader Rock" should be displayed at the buttom.

  7. #7 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    I installed the drivers , i did all the steps but its not working...
  8. #8 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    The loox is on the power supply?


  9. #9 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    It's connected to the power charger and with the USB cable in the USB Pc slot..

    When i insert the USB cable it says to Turn on/off usb storage
  10. #10 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    You run the RKAndroidTool.exe with admin rights?


  11. #11 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    Yeah , right click -> Run as administrator
  12. #12 Oma7144, 15.02.2012

    The Loox should not boot!

    Maybe you've used the wrong key.

  13. #13 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    I must shut down the tablet? I pressed (M) key...
  14. #14 Oma7144, 15.02.2012

    3. Turn off the Loox tablet if necessary.

    4. Connect the Loox tablet to the power supply.

    5. Press the Menu key (M) on the Loox and keep it pressed

  15. #15 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    I press but the screen is staying black and "No found RKAndroid rock usb"...
  16. #16 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    Ok. What kind of win do you use?

  17. #17 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
    Windows 7
  18. #18 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    64 bit?

  19. #19 Sedativ, 15.02.2012
  20. #20 Oma7144, 15.02.2012
    Then you have to install the driver from the folder amd64/win7 manually.


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