Odys Loox - Rooting and using a usb hub!

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    Hello to all! I am from Romania, and i do not speak German, i know only 2 languages, my native one, and English.

    I bought a Odys Loox 7, and i want to connect a mause and a Keyboard to my device! I have been searching for a while, and i found that i have to root my Odys Loox for connecting a usb hub. Also, i found a lot of tutorials for that, but some are old, or the download links are removed.

    Could you please make here, a updated tutorial of how can i root Odys Loox 7, with all the download link available ? And then tell me what modification i have to do for connecting a usb hub? I have my original Android 2.3 version, with no update made!

    Here you have my post translated in German with google translate!
    "Hallo an alle! Ich komme aus Rumänien, und ich spreche kein Deutsch, ich kenne nur zwei Sprachen, meine Muttersprache ein, und Englisch.

    Ich kaufte mir ein Odys Loox 7, und ich möchte eine Mause und eine Tastatur an das Gerät anschließen!
    Ich habe eine Weile gesucht, und ich fand, dass ich meine Odys Loox für den Anschluss eines USB-Hub Wurzel haben. Auch fand ich eine Menge Tutorials für das, aber einige sind alt, oder die Download-Links entfernt werden.

    Könnten Sie bitte hier vornehmen, eine aktualisierte Anleitung, wie kann ich Root Odys Loox 7, mit all den Download-Link zur Verfügung? Und dann sag mir, was ich an Veränderung für den Anschluss eines USB-Hub zu tun haben? Ich habe meine ursprüngliche Android 2.3 Version, ohne Update gemacht!

    Hier haben Sie meinen Beitrag in deutscher Sprache mit Google Translate übersetzt!"

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    Hello TNTStelutza, welcome to the ODYS forum.

    Here you will find a number of ROMs for the LOOX (incl. rooted ones), tutorials are provided in German as well as in English. Simply click there on the "Text anzeigen" buttons for more details.

  3. #3 TNTStelutza, 18.03.2012
    Thank you for the fast replay! Could you answer me to some questions ?

    1. I have a android phone, to root that android phone all i had to do is install some aplications. At my odys loox tablet, i have to change the ROM?
    2. Is this update ok for what changes i want on my device ?

    "Custom Odys Loox ext3 Update mit USB-Hub, Joystick, Bluetooth-Dongles und USB-GPS Aktivierung"
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    Yes, this is the right one.

    The hub is disabled in the kernel. In this case root will not help you.

    In general the recovery-structur is different from a mobile. No ClockworkMod is available here.
    You have to flash with the tool you will find in the download package.

    Or use such kind of hardware here: Amazon.com: Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 with Built-In Multi-Touch Touchpad (920-003070): Electronics

  5. #5 TNTStelutza, 18.03.2012
    I just tried to install that ROM, but semes that my pc does not find my Odys Loox tablet.. Soon i will try to make the modification from another computer. THX :*
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  7. #7 TNTStelutza, 18.03.2012
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    I have tried to install "system-ext3-activate-4-Update\system-ext3-Update\USB Driver\x86\win7", but it`s not working. So the program RKAndroidTool it`s not recognise my Tablet. Anyway, the tablet, boots, it`s that right ?

    This is the error...

    This is my windows:
  8. #8 Oma7144, 18.03.2012
    Loox off. Hold M, put in the charging cable and then the USB-cable.
    Then your Win7 32 bit should install the driver. Otherwise you have to install it by hand in this state.

  9. #9 TNTStelutza, 18.03.2012
    It is working, the problem was that in the moment then i connected the charge cable i was not holding M.. Thank you a lot!
  10. #10 TNTStelutza, 18.03.2012
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    It`s oky.. Work`s well, i`m so glad :D.. Thanks again
  11. #11 Oma7144, 18.03.2012
    Only Flash-Player 10.3 works properly: >klick< .

    TNTStelutza bedankt sich.
  12. #12 TNTStelutza, 24.03.2012
    Oky, now i have another problem, i can save anything on my SD card.
    When i try to download something, dolphin browser says that i am not having enough space, and if i try to save something from my email, same thing, not enough space.

    What can i do ?
  13. #13 Oma7144, 24.03.2012
    Please investigate the following data first:

    - Systemeinstellungen > Speicher: NAND flash free
    - Systemeinstellungen > Anwendungen > Anwendungen verwalten: Speicher free


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