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  1. #1 Marciano, 11.07.2011

    First of all thank you for the great comunity.
    I am new to this and I still do not know the best way to password protect the data(mails, messages, etc) store on the Samsung Galaxy S.


  2. #2 elviroo, 11.07.2011

    i prefer "perfect applock" (the free edition). gives you the possibility to lock apps with a pin. plz keep in mind that this is a german board :rolleyes2:

    i can recommend you an awesome english board its called xda : Samsung Galaxy S I9000 - xda-developers

    No harm meant!:smile:
  3. Or try the utrack stuff to be able to remote wipe you phone if lost.

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  4. #4 Tanis64, 11.07.2011
    Also take a look at the app Androidlost.

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