PC Studio crashes

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  1. #1 cryingfreeman, 30.08.2009
    When I connect Galaxy to PC, samsung New PC Studio crash and write error on 3 different PCs!!!

    I have set no mass storage on phone and operating system in PC is windows xp.

    What is wrong?

  2. What kind of error?
  3. #3 cryingfreeman, 30.08.2009
    classic windows error

    in application New PC studio error occurred and aplication will be closed
  4. #4 Thyrion, 31.08.2009
    Wild guess: Do you work with a limited user account (i.e. user is not an admin)?

    The connection pc -> phone works normally (file transfer)?
  5. #5 cryingfreeman, 31.08.2009
    sometimes limited user account sometimes admin(3 PC)

    yes mass storage file transfer works normal, but when i trun off mass storage PC Studio crashes

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