Problems synchronizing with gmail

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  1. #1 The Matrix, 25.06.2010
    since yesterday, i have problems syncing with gmail.
    i receive all the gmail emails without none problem,
    and the emails are correctly readed (on my android).
    but when i receive another email, all previously received
    emails are marked unread (another time), even if i
    delete (on my android).
    i mark read, or delete, or delete the "received" label
    from emails, but the next time i receive a email, it's
    marked unread :(
    if i access to my gmail account via pc and i mark as
    read, or deleted, the mails are correctly processed and
    the next time i receive a email are not marked unread at
    my gmail config are unchanged since a month...
    ideas ?
  2. #2 scheichuwe, 25.06.2010
    Try this
    Settings - Applications - Manage Applications - Menu:Filter "All"
    GMAil - Clear data
    GMail Storage - Clear data
    The Matrix bedankt sich.
  3. #3 The Matrix, 25.06.2010
    i agree to you very much!!!

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