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  1. Sorry for writing in english. I am in Serbia, and I have a qwertz milestone. When I flashed HK 2.34.3 ver I got qwerty. Folowing instructions on Android hilfe I copied the two folders with root explorer and got a qwerty milestone with continous forceclose. So I had to reflash. Is there a way to get qwertz again?
    PS maybe include qwertz hack in OpenRecovery LMF mod???
  2. i use htc-ime, with this u can chose between qwertz and qwerty on the display keybord. but i don´t think it works for the hardware keyboard aswell..
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  4. I have qwertz in HTC IME_mod but not in hardware keyboard.
    Also if I copy these two folders, do I have to set permissions for every file in them?
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  6. Thanks so much. I will try that and come back.
    Sorry I missed that thread.
  7. Worked like a charm. THANKS AGAIN
    PS. What launcher do You find most reliable and with most features?
  8. Yes I like LauncherPro also. I'm using beta 5.1. What about ADW or Helix 2. I find ADW pretty decent, but it has FC from time to time. And I cant find Helix 2 anywhere. The beta .7 was very unstable.

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