RC92 Root Problem, I wish I got someone can help me in this Problem..

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  1. #1 riowahab, 21.11.2010
    Hello everybody,

    It's been three days searching to find a way how to root my G1 with RC92, and it's nothing.

    I saw that some people had the same problem, but no body of them wrote how he fix it. =(

    I tried the classical way and it didn't work (RC29 or RC7), not allow and sticked on the rainbow screen.

    I tried to make gold card but I couldn't. I couldn't get the CID,neither terminal emulator neither any other program.
    and the cat/sys/class/......neither

    I tried the new way by one touch rooting, with linda file manager, but when I want to backup recovery image, it says "could not run command", and it same when I want to flash it.

    Since some body got throw such problem, could please help to fix it up? or at least where i can find the answer?

    thanks in advance! =)

    Note: I bought this phone when I was doing internship at Germany, I post to Germans Forum, hoping that someone will help. Thank you. I do not really understand German. I even used google translate to register to this forum. Thank you.
  2. #3 riowahab, 21.11.2010
    My Kaspersky detected a trojan on it, should I just ignore it?
    I will try to follow the step. If I get stuck I will post it again soon.
  3. The problem are the advertising links. It is no Trojan on website. ;)
  4. #5 riowahab, 21.11.2010
    It seems working, until The Rootprozess number 2.
    But I did not get what in number 3. I tried to follow, but it's stuck when it says

    "Wir folgen den Anweisungen und lassen das G1 rebooten. Nicht erschrecken, es scheint kein reboot ins Recovery zu erfolgen und so bleibt der G1-Screen stehen. Also mit Annehmen-Menü-Auflegen neu starten und wenn der Screen schwarz ist zügig die Hometaste gedrückt halten. Damit kommen wir zurück ins Recovery und können unter dem selben Menüpunkt das custom ROMflashen. Nach Abschluß neu starten und warten bis das ROM gestartet ist.
    Natürlich kann auch jedes andere custom ROM genutzt werden, aber ich wollte nur den Ablauf darstellen und nicht auf ROM Besonderheiten eingehen müssen."

    Could you make a video tutorial on it? I really appreciate if you have free time and show it by a video. Thank you so much, vielen dank
  5. #6 riowahab, 21.11.2010
    or maybe you can help me by chatting. please add me at Yahoo: riowahaab
    Thank you so much.
  6. Sorry, but this much time, I not have .

    good night
  7. #8 riowahab, 21.11.2010
    No rush. I am also sleepy. :)
    Maybe tomorrow will be great :D

    Thank you.
  8. #9 magnummandel, 22.11.2010
    I think winne means "no time" in general.
    so you completed step 1 successfully? Then you have a rooted phone now. What about step 2? Did you install Rommanger followed by Clockwork Recovery (via Rommanager) and reached Recovery after reboot?
  9. #10 riowahab, 22.11.2010
    I did not get Recovery after reboot, is it auto reboot or I should do manual reboot?
  10. #11 meckergecko, 22.11.2010
    the Rom Manager App should have an option "reboot into recovery". If not, turn off and manually reboot into recovery (home+power), if you reboot the system normally the custom recovery will be replaced by the standard one.
  11. #12 riowahab, 22.11.2010
    Yap, there is an option "reboot into recovery". But it's stay on, not automatically reboot. So I just turn off automatically, and press home+power?
  12. Thats right.
  13. #14 riowahab, 22.11.2010
    Ok, now I guess I am at recovery mode. It keeps stuck in that screen. :sad:
  14. #15 meckergecko, 22.11.2010
    describe what you see. is there an exclamation mark in a traingle? that would mean you're in the standard recovery.
  15. #16 riowahab, 22.11.2010
    Yap. What should I do now? I just know alt+w is to restore everything.
    • Start your G1 normaly
    • Launch ROM Manager
    • Install the Clockworkmod Recovery with ROM Manager
    • Boot in to Recovery
    • Is there an exclamation mark in a traingle again, you do something wrong. :ohmy:
    • If you see the Clockworkmod Recovery make a Backup
    • Wipe everything!
    • Flash a Custom ROM like CM 4.2.5 (1.6)
    • Reboot and Setup to test.
    • Now you can do anything ... :drool:
  16. #18 meckergecko, 23.11.2010
    Wenn winne nix dagegen hat, übersetz ich die Anleitung schnell. Sitze hier grad nutzlos rum und werde fürs Löcher-in-die-Luft-gucken bezahlt :D
  17. Und wenn du schonmal dabei bist, kannste den Rest der Website auch gleich übersetzen. Nicht das wir nachher soviele Luftlöcher haben. :thumbsup:
  18. #20 meckergecko, 23.11.2010
    @winne: na, schauen wir mal ;) Lies die Anleitung bitte einmal quer, um sicher zu gehen, daß ich nix vergessen hab.

    @riowahab I tried to translate the instruction. -> attachment


    riowahab bedankt sich.

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