Reboot into recovery ?

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  1. #1 The Matrix, 17.05.2010
    Is possible to change the menu that is showed on large click to the power button, that actually show 3 options: silent, airplane mode, reboot
    to add a "reboot into recovery" option? o by modifing the reboot option to
    forze "reboot into recovery" ?
  2. #2 Finntroll82, 17.05.2010
    Use Quick Boot from the Market. ;)
  3. #3 The Matrix, 17.05.2010
    i have readed about QB on any forums, and i don't like this application.
  4. use adb ;) like
    adb reboot recovery ^^ works fine ;)
    adb reboot bootloader also works

    or you also kann use apps like connectboot to reboot, after typing
    just type
    reboot recovery
  5. #5 The Matrix, 17.05.2010
    these commands works fine in adb, but in normal smartphone mode are sdcard destroyers.
    reboot from term command line shutdowns the system immediatelly, withous terminate services and umounting sdcard.

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