Restore from U8650

Dieses Thema im Forum "Root / Hacking / Modding für Huawei Ideos X3" wurde erstellt von mngt13, 12.04.2012.

  1. Good day i need some info if possible.

    During my experience with the X3 i installed software from U8650, is there any way to revert back so i can install "U8510" update files.
  2. #2 Eclipse6S, 12.04.2012
    Just install the update how it is said in the manual.
  3. Thank You,

    I did that but dload of U8510 always gives me an error.
  4. #4 Eclipse6S, 12.04.2012
    Install a other ROM, which is made for the U510, or recover a backup with CWM.
    mngt13 bedankt sich.
  5. Thank You.

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