[ROM] [32b] [D/S/Fender] 2.3.3 Gingerbread Sense 2.1 (PAUSED FOR NOW) [2/6/11]

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    Of course, this rom is in beta right now, it is working, but you may encounter lag, or long loading times, or running out of data errors. This will be fixed in future releases by either xillius200, infinimint, or e334.


    Gingerbread 2.3.3 with Sense 2.1

    Basic Informations:
    - Changable Sense Design
    - Gingerbread Base
    - Great potential ^___^
    - HVGA
    - Newest HTC apps and widgets
    - Pretty [​IMG]

    Newest Updates:
    - Booting
    - Basebuild from sebastianFM 1.1
    - Removed incompatible files
    - Added init.d, via ramdisk /sbin/ (thanks to ezterry)
    - Added "Audiohack" from ezterry builds (thanks to ezterry)
    - Squashed framework and fonts
    - zRam (big thanks to ezterry again!)
    - Sense 3.0 lockscreen (thanks SebastianFM!)
    - Optimized Ramdisk
    - Custom MTD required. - 190 mb system partition
    - Apps2SD (thanks to villain rom's)
    - Updated host file

    - WiFi
    - Data Connection
    - Sensors (Rotation)
    - Superuser
    - GPS

    Not Working:
    - Camera/Camcorder
    - Bluetooth
    - What else.. tell me or xillius200

    How To: Flash & Register for HTC Sense:
    #1: Push this file on your sdcard - root directory: mtdpartmap.txt
    #2: Flash the MTD Dream Recovery (only if you still have not flashed it): AmonRA 1.7 MTD Recovery ***
    #3: Flash Ohsaka Superwipe: Ohsaka Superwipe
    #4: Reboot into recovery!
    #5: Flash Recovery Patch: FR - Recovery Patch 1.5.9
    #6: Flash Ohsaka Superwipe and reboot into recovery.
    #7: Flash ROM! Download here:(Current = Test12_GBV1): (Click Me for Mirror Download)
    #8: Flash Kernel!: .36 2708/ebi0/ebi1 compatible kernel;Mirror Download
    #9: Flash Bootpatch: FR - Boot Patch 1.5.9
    #10: Do the setup, open task killer and set to moderate, and reboot into recovery.
    #11: Flash WiFi-Fix: WiFi-Fix signed;Mirror
    #12: Sit back and enjoy Gingerbread Sense!

    egister for HTC Sense: (Completely Optional)
    #1: HTCSense.com
    #2: Register there
    #3: Put "Desire Z" as your device.
    #4: Verificate your account via email
    #5: Log into this account via phone
    #6: Say "yes" to: That's another phone as you mentioned in register formular!
    #7: You're done [​IMG]


  2. #2 Rushness, 12.07.2011
    Lass mal bitte den Post. Hab schon einen gemacht, gehöre ja auch zum Dev-Team, wäre nett wenn du diesen hier löschen könntest :)
  3. Setze doch einfach hier einen Link zu deinem Post.

    Mehrfach Erwähnung kann ja nicht schaden, oder?
  4. #4 Rushness, 15.07.2011
    Ist aber nicht benötigt ca. 2378 Posts für eine ROM zu haben.
  5. #5 Rushness, 15.07.2011
    Sry 4 Double:
    Ausserdem hat er die Credits entfernt...

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