[ROM]"Another one for the Hall Of Fame" Drizzy's Hero-V1.0 **1:20 - 9/Sept**

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    [ROM]"Another one for the Hall Of Fame" Drizzy's Hero-V1.2r1 **3:25am - 9/Sept** Quote:

    My thanks go to:
    Cyanogen, JAC, Stericson, Twisted, Ccyrowski, Barak, androidspin, and the XDA community!!

    "You will need"
    : Root
    : 3 partitions
    : Cyanogen's 1.4 recovery
    : Class 6 sd card


    "What has been added v1.2r1"
    : full build
    : still takes a minute to boot
    : odex'd
    : BizCardReader
    : Java
    : su/root/superuser.apk
    : term.apk
    : new busybox
    : new rosie "optimized"
    : framework png's edited
    : cyanogen's apn list
    : resource.apk edited
    : edit customize folder
    : apps to sd runs on initial boot
    : linux-swap
    : ext/2/3 support
    : cyanogen's kernel
    : compcache
    : camera mod
    : added lots of xbin files
    : cyanogen's cpu scalling
    : audio v7 mod
    : full lockscreen look
    : twisted's user.conf
    : added spare parts
    : added hw
    : updated libs
    : Gmail/market.png now hero style
    : Hero look on gmail/setup wizard
    : removed htc sycn
    : removed learn more.apk
    Based off un-released build I used an old build.rpop to boot it up so ill change that later but this has tons of mods and edits, hope you all enjoy!!!
    : Please read disclaimer before flashing
    : Please wipe
    : Please reformat ext
    : Please clear Dalvik

    "Please read Disclaimer and 1st post before flashing"

    Full 1.2r1:
    MD5: 7DDA02040D3C54512D2DB12B449A8550


    : fixed mms.apk
    : added image land & port for lockscreen
    : more defaults changed

    : added term.apk
    : edit some default settings
    : fixed build.prop
    : added hw files "just one"
    : resized market.png "a little bit bigger"

    : please read first post
    : fixed longpress on rosie
    : 3.1.2 google maps
    : added some xbin files

    : released
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    Based off un-released build, this has tons of mods and edits, hope you all enjoy!!!

    : Please read disclaimer before flashing
    : Please wipe
    : Please reformat ext
    : Please clear Dalvik

    V1.3 Hero w/Hacked Rosie:

    DDR-Hero-V1.3 w/new Rosie
    MD5: 7C8F01FFD703DD0ABA8475CE2BFC189F


    "As you all know now that I dont have a G1 anymore I have a Hero phone now so please report errors as I will try to do my best to fix them for the G1, I already have a G1 tester so please dont ask to test, thank you all again, L8tr!"

    "V1.3 very fast [​IMG]"
    : full build
    : Hacked rosie that I made "opens with keyboard and loads but no landscape"
    : JAC-Ski Kernel best for hero "thanks JAC & SKI"
    : Updated compcache
    : Compcache set by default
    : LED's work "thanks shafty and twisted"
    : added my wallpapers to rosie
    : added some libs
    : added new kinda more hero look
    : full lockscreen
    : added bin files
    : added some xbin files
    : added htc sync
    : moved some apps to apps
    : edit default settings
    : added twisted's led support
    : removed learn more.apk
    : removed launcher
    : removed plurk
    : removed so so so many junk files "thats why the build is so small but still has all apk's, well besides the 3 I removed"
    lots more stuff!!
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    MD5: 630208C815951DB6ADA81C0DE3AC47FB

    Please stop all that Hater talk okay I am still here and I am not going anywhere!!! Please lets all be friendly...
    Kind Regards


    : fixed swap file


    : BFS kernel patched from JAC & SKI "thanks once again"
    : CC not be default
    : linux-swap set on by default
    : added new rosie home screen image
    : fixed maps "works now"
    : added ophone fonts to save some space
    : removed all hero phone stuff that is not compatible with the g1 "only kept the G1 support stuff"
    : removed unsupported libs to save space "3 removed"
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    [ROM]*9/19/09* Thank Me Later - Hero-V1.5 by Drizzy
    [ROM]*9/19/09* Thank Me Later - Hero-V1.5 by Drizzy - xda-developers
    MD5: AE67FE03A133305C6EC3E57348459B4E

    Mit neu formatierten und partitioniertem SD FAT32- EXT3 - Swapperpartition,fonktioniert diese Hero-Version schon sehr gut.

    Bluetooth funktioniert leider noch immer nicht,genauso ist es bei der Video und Sprachrecorder - Aufnahme wo es keinen Ton aufnimmt.

    Gruß:Kino Joe
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    [ROM]*9/19/09* Thank Me Later - Hero-V1.5 by Drizzy - xda-developers
    MD5: 9C0E1828DC8C6BBFA9195C8FADA92ED6



    New Era releases:

    V1.5r1: will upload a little later to see if you find more errors
    : nothing really special just a fast hero
    : added wifi tether
    : added some new audio files "thanks adndep"
    : added htc sync
    : fixed albums
    pretty much it!!!

    : initial release
    : based on 2.73.405.5 hero update
    : fully optimized rosie and widget,, and framework
    : removed bizcard and java
    : everything is much faster due to secret optimized apks
    : linux swap by default
    : removed and added new wallpapers
    : new era release!

    Video und Sprachrecorder - Aufnahme funktionieren jetzt.

    Gruß:Kino Joe
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    [ROM]*9/21/09* It's Here - Hero-V1.5.5 by Drizzy - xda-developers

    MD5: 53F31777B182A80B3D89F196BE74DF20


    New Era releases:

    : yes faster than V1.5r1
    : jac ski boot.img "Thanks fellas"
    : based on Asia Hero release
    : rosie wallpapers now in resource by default
    : updated flash player
    : cleaned out some hw files
    : cleaned out framework images
    : mostly a clean up build because i cleaned out most widgets
    : cleaned out rosie images
    : compcache enabled by default
    : removed htc scenes
    mostly it!!!

    PS:diese Version funktioniert sehr gut,ist bis jetzt das beste HERO-Update fürs G1.

    Gruß:Kino Joe

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