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  1. MarciWoi, 16.04.2011 #1

    MarciWoi Threadstarter Android-Lexikon

    Hallo Leute,
    Hier habe ich ein Gingerbread Sense Rom gefunden.
    Getestet habe ich ihn noch nicht weil mir die Zeit
    fehlt :
    (Ich zitiere)

    This is an expansion of the leaked Rom using EddyOS as the base.
    Basically I have restored all apps so you get the fully leaked Rom with Stock Apps

    This has a slightly older version of HTC Sense - 1.9 which is the flipping clock but not like HD Sense.

    Rooted & A2SD+ & Deodexed.

    You will have 127MB of Internal space free after first boot which will take 10-15mins after flashing so be patient!

    1. Almost stock except for Root and A2SD+
    2. APNs are missing so you will need to ad manually (to get 3G/H connection)
    3. This is an Asian based English Rom so languages are English, Thai, Vietnamese, etc

    Damn Quick and Smooth!!


    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    XDA Seite: [ROM] [Apr 16] HTC GingerSense 2.3.3 Leaked Full Apps | Rooted | A2SD+ - xda-developers
    Viel Spass!
    MfG Marcel
  2. curfew65, 17.04.2011 #2

    curfew65 Android-Experte

    Habs ausprobiert, laggen tut es nicht. Gute Grundlage n Rom zu basteln war gestern in seiner Version noch anders, da hat die hälfte der apps noch gefehlt und der bootsound war auch noch drin. Soll jetzt aber behoben sein.