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    Alpha-Version CM7:

    - the previous gps and rotation vector (compass) fixes included
    - fixed the disabling of the light sensor when flashlight is on
    - fixed 2g/3g toggle in the settings' Power Widget
    - temporary battery percentage display included (will be changed)

    download links:
    mirror: https://github.com/downloads/nadlaba...one-signed.zip

    Google Apps (for CM7): http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.ph...on#Google_Apps

    android.doshaska.net | Nadlabak's little bits and pieces for Motorola Milestone and Android

    Und hier noch ein kleines Video um einen ersten eindruck zu bekommen.

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    - various wlan connectivity issues (some N routers, wpa2, 801.x enterprise etc.) seem to be fixed (for the first time since the GOT 2.2.1 leak). Thanks for the feedback to the wifi test version
    - SMS TP-Data-Coding fix (kanged from 0.04-10.12.04)
    - Toggle 2G removed (the memory is precious)
    - other small things, upstream sync

    download link:

    Google Apps (for CM7): http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.ph...on#Google_Apps
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    0.07-11.02.18 RC1
    - low memory killer parameters tweaked: mainly to prevent killing of music player when playing
    - CMParts and ADW launcher default changes - keep home/sms app in memory, disabled scrolling cache
    - lockscreen updates
    - wlan: EAP Phase 2 settings fix
    - overlay clean up (Phone.apk)
    - etc.

    download link:

    Google Apps (for CM7): http://wiki.cyanogenmod.com/index.ph...on#Google_Apps
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    WICHTIG: nadlabak hat den finalen Kernel des offiziellen 2.2-Releases verbaut :)!!!

    0.08-11.03.16 RC3
    - Allow purging of asset bitmaps performance option added - to allow the system to reclaim some more RAM when needed, enabled by default
    - proprietary binaries update (one step ahead of ...)
    - etc. (sorry, I could not resist, it's so tempting :) )



    Google Apps

    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki
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    0.08-11.03.27 RC3

    - option: DSI kernel bug workaround (CyanogenMod settings>Display), on by default. Thanks to Schwigi for the discovery of DSI issue dependency on DSS update_mode.
    - option: Swap volume buttons in landscape (CyanogenMod settings>Input)
    - option: Disable dock observer (CyanogenMod settings>Input)
    - bluetooth audio DSPManager fix
    - repeated CAMERA_BUTTON broadcast/haptic feedback fix
    - $ added to hw keyboard symbols picker (useful for Euro-Qwerty and Qwertz layouts)
    - many upstream updates



    Google Apps

    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki

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    0.08-11.04.05 RC4

    kernel modules:
    ext4 (finally proper, journalling works, preloaded) - supports also ext2 and ext3 partitions
    ext3, ext2 - included, not preloaded
    tun (for OpenVPN, preloaded)
    cifs (not preloaded, but depends on slow-work that is preloaded), CifsManager app from market can insmod cifs.ko when needed (great for playback of avi files located on windows share via wlan ;)
    nfs (not preloaded, depends on included but not preloaded auth_rpcgss, rpcsec_gss_krb5, sunrpc, lockd)
    xt_multiport (to fix some iptables issues, preloaded)
    overclock (+symsearch) reworked by Skrilax_CZ (preloaded)
    - 5 frequency slots enabled
    - greatly simplified setting of custom frequency/vsel pairs
    see /system/etc/init.d/10overclock
    - 07app2ext script included in /system/etc/init.d - works via bind mount but is compatible with symlink versions. (warning - do not put more than one app2ext script in init.d as it could result in loss of apps)
    - auto boot OpenRecovery (when rebooting to recovery) script added
    - SD card reading performance improved (read_ahead_kb set to 2048)
    - Usb.apk is now built from source, thanks to Skrilax_CZ, very nice decompilation!
    - ADWLauncher drawer scrolling (and zoom animation) optimized to be smoother even when "allow purging of assets" memory performance option is enabled
    - finally implemented "no action on plug" (it's under CyanogenMod settings>Display)
    - option to disable the dock observer fixed
    - fixed gingerbread key event repeating bug affecting camera when using hardware buttons
    - upstream: several new RTL fixes and features, 1 important EGL fix, 3 bluetooth fixes (cherry picked), various other fixes



    Google Apps

    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki
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  17. #17 AleviDroid, 10.04.2011

    0.08-11.04.10 RC4.1

    - fix: kernel modules sometimes installed too late
    (sd-ext not mounted, overclock not applied)

    - possible fix: locationproxy - ConnectionPending exception
    (hard to reproduce - needs confirmation)

    - update: overclock and cpufreq_stats modules - stats freq table automatically updated
    kernel module nls_utf8 added and preloaded so that iocharset=utf8 option can be used for cifs mount

    - fix: 2 different possible NPEs in Settings.apk
    VM heap size selection list expanded

    - 10overclock: changed default frequency table (250/400/600/800/1000)

    - upstream: RTL lang fixes and other updates and fixes


    Google Apps

    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki
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    0.08-11.04.18 7.0.0

    -workaround to avoid frequent Gallery3D resets (seg fault in SGX library

    -usually coming after orientation change)

    -sys.keep_app_1 and sys.keep_app_2 properties can be defined (as process names) in build.prop, to allow user to specify up to two apps to be always kept in memory (use with caution, RAM is limited!)

    -possible workaround for issue 498 (black screen)


    -slight low memory killer parameters adjustment

    -sync setting fix, TextView slow scroll fix, arabic keyboard and dictionary in LatinIME

    -etc. ;)


    Google Apps
    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki
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    0.08-11.04.24 7.0.1

    - fix: google maps freeze on launch after repeated gmaps launches (and system reboot after that in the end, sooner or later), lock happened at the time of reading of cached maps from sdcard, fixed by:

    1. revert to not moving dalvik-cache to sd-ext (it causes also other performance issues, so I'd disable it anyway), only app and app-private are moved now
    2. read_ahead_kb for sdcard set to 32 (yes, I don't care about sdcard speed benchmark results, I prefer stability)

    - fix: webkit text wrapping (e.g. gmail text displayed too narrow)

    - fix: displayed operator name (for some European networks), forced plmn display for spdi networks other fixes and features (status bar additions etc.)


    Google Apps
    Latest Version - CyanogenMod Wiki
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