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    WORK IN PROGRESS!. After receiving the One S RUU today, the ROM will be based on the new One S RUU. Any and all ROMs forthcoming will NOT be based off Sensation. Anyone that is willing to help, please PM me with what you can offer. I will be extremely busy in the coming week, but feel free to PM with anything. Later [​IMG]

    As of right now, we can not get past the white HTC screen. However, any and all logcats ARE welcome, and they WILL help me progress this ROM further.

    All Credits Go To:
    - xXkingsromXx For His ROM from the HTC Sensation
    - sbryan12144 and the Blackout ICS team for the use of their boot.img
    - samuel2706 for his insight and assistance in porting
    - Rabim for his continued help in developing this ROM
    - max63094 as well for his contributions
    - Anyone else that I may have forgotten.

    Again, as I said, this is a Work in Progress. I cannot guarantee that the ROM itself will boot. But together we can get this thing booting.
    ANY Help that can be offered-
    freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)
    The ROM is being hosted at Uploading:
    Private testing for now. Maybe found error

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    Quelle: [ROM][WIP][Pre-Alpha] ICESense | One S Port | Sense 4 - xda-developers
    Download: http://uploading.com/files/m87fa938/...nse_0.0.4.zip/
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    Müssen wir wirklich alle Threads von den xdas hier doppeln? Das Ding bootet doch noch nicht mal, oder? Und wer denen mit logs helfen will, liest dann ja sowieso bei den xdas...
    Der_Ulle und Scum haben sich bedankt.
  3. #3 Moritzinho, 12.03.2012
    Ich finde schon allein die Info klasse, dass an einer Sense 4 Rom gebastelt wird :D
  4. #4 neandertaler19, 12.03.2012
    Naja klar ist die Info nett, aber wenn es sich in so einem frühen Stadium befindet kann man das ja eigentlich bei den xdas nachlesen, aber gut ist meine Meinung.
  5. #5 Moritzinho, 13.03.2012
    Wirklich etwas bringen tut es hier noch nicht, da hast du recht

    Gesendet von meinem HTC Desire HD mit der Android-Hilfe.de App
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    Offensichtlich wurde das ROM umbenannt - Quelle und Downloadlink hinzugefügt, sowie den Titel angepasst.
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    Dev-Host.org - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Lade gerade runter und werde gleich testen.

    Kurztest von 5min:
    Wifi funktioniert immernoch nicht.
    Die Rom ist geeignet um sich einen Eindruck von Sense 4 zu verschaffen,
    vor allem die Homescreens sehen hübsch aus.
    Zu mehr taugt sie allerdings noch nicht.
  8. What works:
    -Sms (Test MMS)
    -Data (2G/3G)
    -Full audio (No Beats)
    -SD Mount (3rd Party App for now)
    -HW Acceleration

    What DOESN'T work:
    -Mic (Calls work)
    ANY Help that can be offered-
    freenode Web IRC (qwebirc)

    - 1.4 Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

    Beta 1.4
    -Wifi and Audio should work
    -Volume Rocker Wake Implemented (Please test, may not work)
  9. Changelog:
    Beta 2.5

    -Completely Deodexed (Thank you with some help from Virtuous)
    -Same kernel as before
    -Some speed fixes
    -Wifi and Sound work
    Beta 2.2

    -New kernel (Virtuous)
    -Should have all fixes now
    -Same base as previous
    -Still MY work. Not proxuser or anyone else's
    -Might have broken sound (Inspire/Telus please test), we'll see -Some other tiny things
    Beta 2.1

    -Minor Fixes
    -Same base as 2.0
    -Bluetooth Fixed
    -Seems snappier to me, let me know what you think
    - Still odexed -Other tiny fixes

  10. Changelog:
    Beta 2.5.2
    -New base
    -3d homescreen transitions (BIG thanks to Proxuser for his base) -Virtuous kernel
    -New sound fixes (Please test)
    -First boot WILL take a while, don't worry
    -Again, BIG thanks to proxuser

    What DOESN'T work:
    -Mic (Calls work)

    Dev-Host - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

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