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    Alle Credits gehen an den Entwickler mwielgosz (xda-developers - View Profile: mwielgosz)


    * Crossbones Welcome app for showing a changelog with each new release
    * CPU Settings built into Settings app
    * A custom kernel with tons of governor/scheduler choices
    * Quick Settings menu from icon in the notification bar
    * Extended Power options
    * GooManager preinstalled for OTA updates

    Crossbone-Kernel 0.1.0:
    The Crossbones Kernel (tuna) was derived from the Codename Android kernel, which is based upon (and created by) the Savaged-Zen kernel. We chose to base our kernel off of this particular kernel as mwielgosz has worked closely in the past with the developers of this kernel.
    The original kernel base is built off of 4.0.4 kernel source code and is at linux version 3.0.26



    Changelog v.0.4.1 :

    * Release for GSM Galaxy Nexus (maguro)
    * Added Quick Settings to Notification bar!
    * Update to Android 4.0.4_r2.1
    * Fix screen flash bug when turning screen on/off
    * Fixed bug where Torch app was not building on Galaxy Nexus devices


    *Wipe Data
    *Wipe Cache/Dalvik
    *Rom flashen
    *Gapps flashen


    Rom (0.4.1) : Goo.im Downloads - Downloading Crossbones-0.4.1-maguro-IMM76L.zip

    Gapps: Goo.im Downloads - Downloading gapps-ics-20120429-signed.zip

    Source Code: https://github.com/Crossbones

    Bitte beachtet dass die Rom noch im Anfangsstadium ist und daher noch relativ wenige Features dabei sind.

    Der ursprüngliche Beitrag von 14:27 Uhr wurde um 14:30 Uhr ergänzt:

    Also ich habe jetzt die Rom seit einigen Stunden am laufen und bin positiv überrascht. Sie läuft sehr flüssig und stabil. Da ich bis jetzt rascream drauf hatte kann ich sagen, dass Crossbones ziemlich die gleiche Perfomance hat. Allerdings bin ich schnell auf den Trinity-Kernel umgestiegen, da der Crossbones-Kernel (noch) zu wenig Einstellungs-Möglichkeiten besitzt.
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    Ich finde die Rom aktuell noch zu langweilig, aber warten wir es ab..

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    Ja da muss ich dir recht geben. Aber wie gesagt sie ist erst im Anfangsstadium. Habe mit dem Entwickler schon geschrieben und er hat noch viel vor :-D das wichtigste bei diesem release war ihm die Stabilität und flüssige performance.

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    Ja das hat er hinbekommen !
    Ich würde mir wünschen, dass mam die Farb-Sättigung ändern kann, wie bei dem S3.
    Was plant er denn noch alles zu adden ? Wie viele arbeiten an dem Rom ?

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    Thing I plan on adding in the future:
    * User customization of QuickSettings.
    * More different buttons for the QuickSettings. (I have a very good plan in mind for things like Auto Brightness and Volume/Vibrate/Silent)
    * Take the "Welcome" app and have it restore all of the Settings from a previous flash (if selected, and if you've done a full wipe). This will save you a lot of time if you wipe your phone between flashing Crossbones releases. By this, I mean settings that will not break your phone, like Ringer settings, backgrounds, etc.
    * For the Galaxy Nexus, I want to customize the Soft Keys, possibly allow the user to do something to them as well (more than likely adjusting size and the buttons).
    * Have the Torch app be assigned to a button of your choice (for Long Press activation) and do some background rework to it. On the Nexus S it's assigned to the Search button, but the Galaxy Nexus doesn't normally have a Search button!
    * I need a boot animation done up for all the devices. The Nexus S has a custom boot animation, but the Galaxy Nexus doesn't. Even so, the Nexus S boot animation is not what I would like it to be.
    * I have a lot of "under the hood" work to do on some things that no one will actually see, but it's time consuming. It should make the ROM smoother overall.
    * Kernel updates across all devices.
    * There are more things that I have thought of in the past, and will think of in the future that I have forgotten about at this moment.

    There is one thing that I am not doing, and that is going around to other ROMs and just taking features from them and sticking them into my ROM. I may not have a super customized ROM, but the customization that I do have are (almost) all of my own creation and that is something to be proud of.
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    Sollte ich mal wieder rooten wird das mein Rom sein, klingt sehr gut

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