[ROM][ICS][AOSP]Elite Forziere Touch[Touchwiz 4.0][4.0.4]

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    [ROM][ICS][AOSP]Elite Forziere Touch[Touchwiz 4.0][4.0.4] by forziere /xda

    his Rom TouchWiz ICS 4.0.4 is a personalization of Rom AOSP NEXUS S/4g Elite V6 (the best one)
    Giving ICS Some TouchWiz
    AOSP is working as on Touchwiz as on Apex launcher [​IMG]

    Was Geht - Was noch Nicht


    If You Are On Any ICS Rom :
    1.Put rom on sdcard
    2.enter recovery and wipe data and cache
    3.install zip from sdcard and install

    If you are on gingerbread Rom
    1.(optional) Flash Any ICS Rom
    2.Put rom on sdcard
    3.enter recovery and wipe everything
    4.Flash by installing zip from sdcard
    5.enjoy my work



    To install Touchwiz (from recovery:

    To install as a normal apk swype :
    Deposit Files

    If you want Beautifull widget .. you can find on Market! [​IMG]

    I suggest to install Midnight Kernel to improve the battery life

    FCB-Fan bedankt sich.
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    What Works :
    Everything just like AOSP NEXUS S/4g Elite V6

    Not Working:
    You Tell Me..
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