[ROM]JOYOS U8510 Ideos x3 ALL working

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  1. #1 mikelis, 02.07.2012
    Hi from Greece
    I made JOYOS rom for ideos x3 and working everything ( no problems with SD and phone calls)
    Base rom is CM7 ICS by teammate , Joyos is last version English and chineese language

    Just tell me a host to upload my rom
    WARNING !!
    This rom flashed by YOURS RESPONSIBILITY!!
  2. #2 Sturmhsvhsv, 02.07.2012
    upload it on zippyshare.com
    or mediafire.com
    and upload some pictures of the rom

  3. #3 Sturmhsvhsv, 03.07.2012
    very funny :( :(
  4. #4 mikelis, 06.07.2012
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 06.07.2012
    I will sent you instructions how i did it!
  5. #5 Flatterbratz, 06.07.2012
    We would all like to know how You did it... :confused2:
  6. #6 mikelis, 06.07.2012
    keviiko1996 bedankt sich.
  7. #7 Diamond-X, 06.07.2012
    Da es hier keine ROM gibt, sondern wieder nur Smalltalk, ist hier erstmal zu.
    MegaTheLance und DerGraf1997 haben sich bedankt.

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