1. Wir haben diesmal 2 Gewinnspiele zeitgleich für euch - Gewinne einmal ein UMI Plus E - Beim 2ten könnt ihr ein Nomu S30 gewinnen!
  1. Zekene, 01.07.2012 #1

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Imagination ROM v4.2

    [​IMG] Elegancia Rom v2.2.0
    [​IMG] Multi-language.
    [​IMG] Deodexed.
    [​IMG] Zipaligned.
    [​IMG] SuperSU, Busybox.
    [​IMG] Bricked Kernel.
    [​IMG] Option to remove HTC apps (AROMA installer).
    [​IMG] Option to install additional mods (AROMA installer).
    [​IMG] Very Fast, clean and stable.

    Details: v.4.2

    [​IMG]SystemUI fixed (Statusbar icon changed.Click for screenshot)

    Details: v.4.1

    SystemUI fixed (Statusbar icon changed.Click for screenshot)

    Details: v.4.0

    SystemUI fixed
    HTCSetupWizard changed
    Statusbar icons changed
    New icons added
    Leedroid Tweaks added
    Bootanimation changed
    Favorites folders removed
    Build.Prop changed
    Wallpaper changed
    Homepage changed
    Updated System Apps
    4ext theme added (thx T-Macgnolia )
    Added Rosie 5x6 Aroma installation
    Zipalined with latest SDK
    ES File Explorer updated
    Google play updated
    Power Controls added
    ScrollingNotificationfree added
    CosmicFlow updated
    Improved performance and battery life.


    [​IMG] WiFi Tether
    [​IMG] HDMI out

    Consider a donation, it helps Imagination ROM development
    If you use this Rom, this is important to support its development


    Imagination ROM Signature



    v.4.0 [​IMG]SystemUI fixed [​IMG]HTCSetupWizard changed [​IMG]Statusbar icons changed [​IMG]New icons added [​IMG]Leedroid Tweaks added [​IMG]Bootanimation changed [​IMG]BulcraQ Theme for AROMA Installer (thx BulcraQ) [​IMG]Favorites folders removed [​IMG]Build.Prop changed [​IMG]Wallpaper changed [​IMG]Homepage changed [​IMG]Updated System Apps [​IMG]4ext theme added (thx T-Macgnolia ) [​IMG]Added Rosie 5x6 Aroma installation [​IMG]Zipalined with latest SDK [​IMG]ES File Explorer updated [​IMG]Google play updated [​IMG]Power Controls added [​IMG]ScrollingNotificationfree added [​IMG]CosmicFlow updated [​IMG]Improved performance and battery life. v.3.1 update -SystemUI Fixed -Browser icon change v3.0 fixed boot.img problem messages skin is like v.1.0 imagination rom v2.0 - System icons changed - Cold Fusion HD - thx chris_banks2 - Wallpaper updated - White battery icons - HTC Innovation ringtones added - Message Baloon colors updated - Homepage updated - Aroma updated - Tweaks updated - Thanks Huge,m0narx ve j4n87 - improved 1080p recording - no lag - props XxXPachaXxX - modded Gallery - no lag - props XxXPachaXxX - messages modded and perfectly working now - props mdeejay - updated libs and bins- props XxXPachaXxX - added missing libs - modded 1080p firmware and wifi firmware props mdeejay - fixed Talk video - more speed - more stability - better battery - all apks optimized and zipaligned with SDK19 - updated Facebook and Maps - SGS III dropbox - you'll get extra 48 GB - fixed Sony-Bravia - fixed SystemUI layout - Thx m0narx. - fixed wireless adb quick setting - Thx m0narx. - increased WiFi re-scan timeout to 180 sec. - should save some battery - updated binaries - props shniz - updated libs - props shniz and ivicask - fully rewrited autobrigtness and buttons backlight tweak - Thx m0narx. - changed OOM groupings - props shniz - fixed T-Mobile script - props shniz - added App Installer - Thx m0narx - fixed battery capacity value - Thx m0narx. - re-added Youtube HD - props shniz * v1.0 - Sense or Senseless İnstall (Aroma Installer) - White Series Notification Bar Icon Mod (thanks 2ndIdentity ) - S-Voice added. - Changed Boot animation.(Black Beats Audio)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jp_ms...e_gdata_player - ES File Explorer has been added. - Kernel Option 1.2,1.5,1.7,1.9 overclock - Beats & Dolby support - 5x5 and 7x3 Menu - Blue Keyboard -Sweep2wake options - OC selection - Improved performance of the battery. - Speed ​​performance is improved. - Work Bluetooth and FM Radio - Kernel: bricked 1.1 - APM - EQS - IC Tweak - SuperCharger compliance. - Working wifi calling - Benchmark Score :7058

    Old Version:

    Imagination ROM v3.0

    v3.1 Update

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  2. larsm., 01.07.2012 #2

    larsm. Erfahrener Benutzer

    hat jemand erfahrung mit dem ROM ?
  3. Zekene, 01.07.2012 #3

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Ich hatte die heute mal drauf. Da ich mehr auf stcok sense 4 rom stehe, gefällt die mir nicht so ganz, aber die Rom ist Sehr Sehr flüssing und läuft wirklich gut!
  4. larsm., 01.07.2012 #4

    larsm. Erfahrener Benutzer

    wenn heute abend kein neues update beim Pokemon rauskommt, werde ich das auch mal testen ...
  5. Dr. Locker, 01.07.2012 #5
    Dr. Locker

    Dr. Locker Android-Lexikon

    Bin grad am flashen :cool2:

    Schaun mer mal...:drool:
  6. WarpigtheKiller, 01.07.2012 #6

    WarpigtheKiller Android-Experte

    Bin vorhin auch bei xda auf die Rom gestoßen und habe auch schon überlegt, die zu testen und ich glaube, ich werde es auch mal machen. Weiß einer, welchen Kernel die Rom benutzt?
  7. Zekene, 01.07.2012 #7

    Zekene Threadstarter Android-Ikone

    Ich meine bricked 1.4.1
  8. Dr. Locker, 01.07.2012 #8
    Dr. Locker

    Dr. Locker Android-Lexikon

    ROM war kurz drauf, iss aber schon wieder runter.

    m. M. n Eleganzia, paar andere Farben, paar andere Icons - fertich iss die neue ROM.
    TATU bedankt sich.
  9. WarpigtheKiller, 01.07.2012 #9

    WarpigtheKiller Android-Experte

    Selbe bei mir! Einfach viel zu kitschig gestaltet! Gsd habe ich vorher ein Nandroid Backup gemacht. :)

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