[ROM] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD [V1.3] (0.9.30 & 0.10.15)

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    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe´s MIUIMOD vX.X.X (englisch & deutsch)


    FroYo Miui 1.1.14 (THE BASE) The New Stock Features:

    - New Settings.apk with Options for near all New Features
    - Wifi,Bluetooth,GPS,Sync,CPU,Lock,Flightmode,Reboot Option in the Taskbar
    - Apps2ext (in Options)
    - 720p Video Recording
    - FM Radio
    - New Lockscreen with Animated Musik Player inside
    - Propeller view of all your Homescreens
    - IPhone like Home icons
    - add so Much Homescreens you want no Limit
    - HD Video Recording
    - OCed to 1,13 Ghz (using setCPU)
    - Trackball Wake (in Options)
    - Trackball Colors (Settings/Sounds & MMS/Settings)
    - Battery Percentage (in Options)
    - Backup Apps & System Function
    - New awsome UI
    - Fast as Hell (Workflow & Games but sadly not in Quadrant)

    Known Bugs:

    - can be that you can´t Change the Fonts in the Themes Section of MIUI

    den Changelog zu den älteren Versionen, findet ihr im 2.ten Beitrag

    [erstelle eine "ext3" Partition, um Apps2ext+ benutzen zu können]

    Wenn Du denn "dalvik-cache to sd" freigeben möchtest (um mehr freien Speicher zu haben) schreibe folgende Kommandos ,mit dem Android-SDK :

    - adb root
    - adb shell ("su" in Terminal Emulator)
    - a2sd check
    - a2sd cachesd

    AmonRA 2.2.1 Recovery wird zum aufspielen des ROMs empfohlen...
    (Im Recovery unter "other" die Signature Verfication auf "toggle" setzen, nur so könnt ihr die ROMs problemlos flashen)

    Download Rom:

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.5.3 (English):
    MD5: -

    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.5.3 (Deutsch):
    MD5: -

    Einstellungen nach dem flashen des ROM's :

    • Schalte im System auf die deutsche Sprache um (Einstellungen/System/Sprache & Tastatur)
    • Schalte die Prozentanzeige auf EIN (Einstellungen/System/Energie/Batterieanzeigestil)
    • Suche die App "Trackball Alert" im Market und stell sie ein.
    • Bei benutzung des "Miui Launcher" müssen die überlappenden Icons bei Kamera & Kalender, in den Mülleimer nach oben gezogen werden. RADIO als UPDATE.zip

    *für beste Performance wird der Wildmonk Kernel empfohlen...

    [Kernel] Pershoot´s 2635.7 oc/uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/neon/fm Kernel /// Tägliche Berichtupdates findet ihr hier

    [Kernel] Wildmonk´s Kernel OC (up to 1152MHz) /uv/xtra/btn/aud/ram/fm +29FPS@720p Hack (Funktioniert 100% mit MIUIMOD) /// Eine Version derzeit Online, hier (Update from 01.04.11)

    Neue FM Radio app : Download

    *** Du magst "RoDrIgUeZ" seine Arbeit ? dann spendier Ihm doch mal ein [​IMG] ***
    *** Folge Ihm auf [​IMG]
    *** Folge Ihm auf [​IMG] ***

    *** Folge Ihm bei XDA - [​IMG] ***



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    Ältere Versionen & Changelog (Version 1.1 -> 2.xx)

    Changelog :
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.4.2 Changelog (MIUI 1.1.7):[/B]
    - Internal Fixes
    - Internal Cleanup
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.4.1 Changelog (MIUI 1.1.7)[/B]
    - Lockscreen Wallpaper Picker Fixed
    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Default Wallpaper added
    - New Miui Gallery added Stable Version
    - build.prop Reworked
    - SMS App updated
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.4 Changelog (MIUI 1.1.7)[/B]
    - Rom updated to MIUI 1.1.7 ( I hope this Fix some of the strage Network bugs from Miui 0.12.31)
    - Themes and Mixed Themes Full Working Now
    - My own SCB Version added (Thanks Pendo for Helping)
    - 99% LNG Fixed German & English
    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Features added and Updated
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.3.3 FIX Changelog (MIUI 0.12.31):[/B]
    - DSP Manager Updated to the last CM6.1 Nightly build
    - CM6.1  3D-Gallery (Faster than before)
    - Working Inbuild Flashplayer
    - Fancy Widget Weather Fixed
    - Location Problems hopefully Fixed
    - Media Streaming Fixed
    - MIUI Apps Updated (SMS"Fixed"/Market/Browser..) 
    - SMS Popup Window Themed in Black Now
    - Autokiller & Terminal app Updated
    - quickboot,New Miui Filemanager & Starfield LWP added
    - some not needed apps Removed
    - Trackball Alert 100% Fixed (just set it up, Don´t Patch or change the System TBA !!!)
    - Apps2ext: Low Space Error Fixed
    - Host/wpa/adhoc Settings Reworked (Fix some Problems)
    - minor Bugfixes
    - a Great very Stable and Fast build now...
    - New Wifi Fixed WM Kernel Online
    - FIX VERSION: LNG Fix in the MMS/SMS app
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.3.2 Changelog (MIUI 0.12.31):[/B]
    - MIUI 1.1.7 Kernel
    - Location Problems Fixed
    - Miui-Music Mod (Gray Version) Fixed 
    - all G-apps Updated and Themed (Fix Google Search Problems)
    - Fancy Widget Miui Mod
    - New Miui Themed HTC_IME
    - New Black/Blue Themed Stock Camera (Fix 720p Problems)
    - Faster Gallery Version
    - Stock Wallpapers Reworked (+ 1x Lockscreen & 1x Homescreen)
    - Miui Gallery, Miui File Explorer and Miui Browser + some Xtra Apps Removed (this addons are not needed and optional)
    - New Themed Stock Radio
    - some Framework Icons Reworked
    - Framework Repatched for TBA
    - some minor Fixes
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.3.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.12.31):[/B]
    - English Translation Fixed
    - MIUI ThemeBrowser Udated
    - Smoked Widgets Reworked
    - The RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Fonts added
    - Updater.apk Removed not longer needed for Themes
    - Black Smilies for MMS/SMS/E-MAIL/TALK & SYSTEM added
    - My Own MiuiMod Musik Version with Black Smoked Widget,The New Pink UI and Removed Online Playlist Button
    - Fancy Widget added to /data
    - a lot of Small Bug Fixes.. Looks Fast & Bugfree Now (German & English)
    - for SMS/MMS Sending issues read the FAQ (it´s easy to fix)
    - Brand New WM Kernel and the New FM Radio in the First Post added
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.3 FIX Full Changelog (MIUI 0.12.31):[/B]
    - based on MIUI 0.12.31 ( Last English & German LNG Packs inc. by markhuk & andy25 )
    - MIUI Default/Online Theme Support
    - MIUI Themed HTC-IME Keyboard added
    - MIUI Themed Gingerbread Keyboard added by Pendo
    - MIUI Browser & Gallery added to the Stock Ones
    - Preinstalled & Full Working CM6.1 DSP Manager (3D Equalizer)
    - Preinstalled & Full Working Display Color Calibrating Tool v5.1 by storm99999 
    - Themed CM6.1 Torch added
    - Full Trackball Alert Support by lilHermit (Preinstalled)
    - New & Colorfull Super Circle Battery in HQ by Pendo & Me
    - Full Logger Support (apps like logcat) by Pendo & Me (Preinstalled)
    - New Transitions & Animations added
    - New Live Wallpapers added : CM6.1 / Sense / Circuit / VR-Tunnel  
    - Camera Compression Removed, Picture & Color Quality to 100%
    - Bigger Buffersize for Pictures (faster Savings)
    - New Themed (by adam2010) Widescreen (by MIUI AU) Camera modded by me, 720p & Picture Shooting Rock Stable Now !!!
    - New Ring,Notification,Alarm & System Sounds Mixed by me..
    - Optimized Keypress Gain & iPhone Locksounds added
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Lockscreen Mod with Buttons as Default
    - Original MIUIMOD Bootanimation
    - New RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Lockscreen & Homescreen Wallpaper´s
    - Stock Froyo Fingerprint for the New 2.2.7 Market (included)
    - Google Maps v5 added inc. the two Finger rotation Fix by Rori
    - build.prop reworked for better Reception 
    - build.prop reworked for better Wifi & faster 3g Switch
    - all New & Stock Widgets Smoked Black Themed (Now FB,Twitter & DeskClock inc.)
    - Smoked Black Themed MusicMod & MiuiMusic added with Full Lockscreen Player Support
    - Full Themed Launcher Pro Plus Widgets
    - Full Reworked Framework & System Icons
    - RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Apps Pack & the Latest G-apps added in the Data Section (removable) not in the System Partition !!!
    - Full Working Quikoffice & Sim Toolkit added
    - The Rare HTC Teeter Game in HQ inc.
    - Huge APN & Hosts List added from HTC
    - New YouTube Version (Themed)
    - Wifistatus by Paul O´Brain added
    - Big System Partition Cleanup (to Boost the Speed)
    - Only For the German Users: Status Bar Reworked just one Word-Line Now
    - H icon Replaced with the 3g icon (just Optical)
    - and much much more i don't remember....
    - v2.3 MIUIMOD = New Data structur.. a Full Wipe is Recommended...
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.2 Changelog (MIUI 0.12.03 & 0.12.18 ):[/B]
    - still based on 0.12.03 with 0.12.18 Kernel
    - New CM6.1 Cam (Green Pic´s Fixed)
    - Launcher Pro & G-Mail/E-Mail FC´s Fixed
    - LauncherPro+ better Themed
    - Camera & Gallery with new Modern White Look by Adam2010
    - New Version of the Android Market app
    - all Apps Updated (unthemed Facebook & Twitter inc.)
    - Black Smilies added for SMS,MMS,E-Mail & Google Talk
    - a lot of Speedup Fixes & New Internal Mods
    - Best Batterylife & Performance in this Release
    - Stablest MIUIMOD for Now
    - better Reception & Wifi Connection (New build.prob)
    - Black Statusbar
    - Only German Version: Words in the Statusbar Reworked
     [B]Known Bugs :[/B]
    (I´m still working on the full 0.12.18 Version but i have to fix some Themes & A2SD Problems)
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.12.03):[/B]
    - TBA Patched Rom Now (Load the last Trackball Alert Version from the Market)
    - LauncherPro updated & Themed
    - MIUI Themes removed (don´t works with my modded Framework at the moment maybe in Future)
    - SMS Themes still working
    - YouTube app/widget updated
    - Full working Gingerbread Keyboard
    - Bootanimation Reworked
    - all G-apps Updated
    - Small Speedup fixes
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V2 Changelog (MIUI 0.12.03):[/B]
    - Update to MIUI 0.12.03
    - CM6 Cam by atomizasser & vauss (Thank you Guys)
    - SBC by Pendo modded by me in HQ
    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Changes added
    - Unsecure Boot.img
    - Black Twitter and Facebook app is back
    - Rom still works with internal Trackball Alert
    - incridible speed in Combination with the new WM Kernel (Play Asphalt to see what i mean)
    [B] RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.9.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.19):[/B]
    - Market FC´s Fixed
    - Setup FC´s Fixed
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.9 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.19):[/B]
    - Update to MIUI 0.11.19 inc. MIUI-MUSIC & MUSIC-MOD
    - Based on the Last English & German LNG Pack
    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe changes added exept TBA support (waiting for a TBA update)
    - inbuild Trackball Allert for Calls and SMS/MMS
    - Spanish LNG in Framework-res.apk added
    - all Gapps Updated
    - Flashplayer Removed
    - New version of HTC_IME mod for MIUI
    - Transitions for the Keyboard Reworked
    - some FC´s Fixed
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.8.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.12):[/B]
    - better working Timezone app added
    - some Gapps,Flashplayer and FB Updated
    - FB & Twitter Now Unthemed !!! (some problems with the Themed version)
    - a Fancy Widget added [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/wink.gif[/IMG]
    - Spanish added to framework-res for easier spanish support
    - New MIUI Browser added
    - HTC_IME Keyboard now MIUI Themed
    - some small fixes
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.8 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.12):[/B]
    - MIUIMOD Updated to MIUI 0.11.12 (all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Changes added Thank´s to Pendo for Helping)
    - based on the last English & German LNG Packs from the MIUI DEVS Homepage
    - Transitions Mod created by MagnusRagnarok & Mixed by M@XLOL & Me (+ my own speedup Fix for Miui added)
    - New MIUIMOD Bootanimation Decent,Small & Fast by me
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.7.3 FIX Changelog (MIUI 0.11.5):[/B]
    - LNG Pack Updated
    - LNG in the Contact app Fixed
    - MMS/SMS app Fixed
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.7.2 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.5):[/B]
    - E-Mail Exchange Sync Fixed
    - Wierd Calender Style Fixed
    - SMS Statusbar Pop-up  Fixed
    - Time Zone Changer app added
    - Logger added
    - Google Maps Updated
    - AutoKiller Updated
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.7.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.5):[/B]
    - Huge APN List Updated
    - Black Glass Lockscreen Player (+ minor Fixes)
    - Starfield LWP Removed
    - Chinese Market Removed
    - Engadget Widget Removed
    - Logcat support added
    - build.prop Reworked to match with CM6.1 in some Parts
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.7 Changelog (MIUI 0.11.5):[/B]
    - you can Update from 1.6.6 without Data Wipe
    - all RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Mods & Features now based  on MIUI 0.11.5
    - unsecure Boot.img & Forcing Shanghai Location Removed (Thanks to mnlk2)
    - Based on the Last English & German LNG Packs (biggest Thanks to kaobiore & mobiousdigital)
    - Some minor Fixes but Looks Stable & Fast like 1.6.6
    - New Wallpaper
    - Lockscreen Music Look Reworked
    - Build.prop Reworked with better Network/Wifi Settings & better Media Support
    - Chinese symbols in the Phone app Fixed for all Regions
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.6 Changelog (Apps Update):[/B]
    - Facebook Updated to 1.4.0 and Minimal Matte Themed
    - Twitter Updated to 1.0.5 and Minimal Matte Themed
    - Facebook Sync Fixed (Thank´s to the guys of htcmania.com)
    - media_profiles.xml Reworked for the upcomming 720p/29FPS Kernels
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.5 Changelog (FIX Update):[/B]
    - Dead FM App Removed
    - E-Mail Exchange sync Fixed Thank´s patzek for posting this
    - DSP Manager Fixed (works with the CM6 Audio Libs)
    - 720p finetuning Now 100% No Freezes
    - English version Updated to the Last lng Pack
    - Real Last 0.10.29 Release until Miui brings a Newer & Better Version (Looks for everybody Stable Now)
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.4 Changelog (MIUI 0.10.29):[/B]
    - New very Cool Bootanimation Thank´s to QTeknology & Nighthound  
    - Strange Chinese lines in the Phone.apk fixed (english & german version)
    - New Android Keyboard Look with Round Buttons (Black Glass Themed & much easier to handle [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] )
    - CM6 Torch moved to system partition
    - Google Maps Location Problems Fixed
    - Engadget widget added (Minimal Matte Themed)
    - My Stock Lockscreen Wallpaper to Defaults added 
    - Twitter widget Minimal Matte Themed
    - QuickBoot X-Treme from the second Boot (Takes just a few seconds Now)
    - Last 0.10.29 Release until Miui brings a Newer & Better Version (Looks for everybody Stable Now)
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.3 Changelog (MIUI 0.10.29):[/B]
    - Lockscreen Wallpaper Picker Fixed (if you use LauncherPro set it up in settings)
    - Launcher2 FC´s Fixed
    - full SDK support now...
    - Performance Fixes (works with the fastest stock Kernel Now)
    - 10 New HQ Lockscreen Wallpapers
    - Drops Wallpaper added to the Defaults
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.2 Changelog (MIUI 0.10.29):[/B]
    - Back to Stock Miui FM Radio (you can load the new and modded one [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/I3MP8R5SCU"]here[/URL])
    - 720p Recording reworked (Fix the Freezes)
    - TBA support reworked (repatched)
    - Now Wildmonks Kernel Online with FM support [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] (Optional) 
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6.1 Changelog (MIUI 0.10.29):[/B]
    - Black Themed 0.10.15 Launcher added (to fix Wallpaper & Performance issues)
    - Resigned Mod FM Radio (UI Fixed) app added (install manually if you have Problems with [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/I3MP8R5SCU"]Download[/URL])
    - Default RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Wallpaper + Lockscreen Wallpaper added to the Stock ones
    [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.6 All Features (MIUI 0.10.29):[/B]
    - Based on Stock MIUI 0.10.29 ($ in Market for Europe Fixed)
    - You Can Update without Wipe Data from 1.3,1.4 or 1.5
    - Last English & German Translation Pack as base (biggest Thanks to kaobiore & mobiousdigital "I´m for peace"
    - Latest Gapps added (Widgets: Minimal Matte Themed) [hdpi-20101008]
    - Insecure Boot Image for SDK support
    - liblog.so Changed for Logcat support (biggest Thank´s to pendo)
    - Full Trackball Alert Support (biggest Thank´s to lilHermit just Download the last Version)
    - Mod Super Circle Battery by Default (biggest Thank´s to pendo)(set up Percentage)
    - New RoDrIgUeZsTyLe Lockscreen for MIUI 0.10.29
    - Bad Boot Blocks N1´s can flash this Release Now
    - Big Clean up in the System & lib folder 
    - Now all non System apps in data/app
    - CM6 Huge APN List added
    - HTC Desire Host file added added
    - Screen Color Calibration lib added
    - FRG83 Fingerprint (to show all Market apps)
    - Framework Full Reworked with Desire HD Parts
    - New Default Contact Picture
    - Location Problems Fixed
    - Low Audio Bug Fixed
    - Calendar UI Bug Fixed
    - many other Bugs Fixed
    - Keypress Volume Reworked
    - New YouTube app with New UI added (widget Background Minimal Matte Themed)
    - HTC_IME (Black Glass Themed)added
    - Working HTC Teeter added (Not in Market)
    - ad Free added (working Version)
    - Launcher Pro Updated (Plus widgets Minimal Matte Themed "please Restart") 
    - CM6/Circuit/Starfield LWP added with Options (removable)
    - All Widgets Minimal Matte Themed (Now Browser inc.)
    - Autokiller Updated and added
    - Torch (CM6) Updated and added (Themed)
    - Black Glass Themed CM6 Keyboard (Themed)
    - Themed Calendar widget added 
    - Themed Astrid Tasker widget added 
    - latest working DSPManager added
    - latest Flashplayer added
    - New Fonts (push Arial.ttf & Arial-Bold.ttf back to system/fonts to use your own)
    - ChrometoPhone added (removable)
    - and much more usefull apps (all removable before Flash in data/app)
    - system/app Cleanup... to keep the Base Rom small and boost the speed...
    - Chinese phone location names in the dialer Fixed Now 01753827364 Not 017-538-273-64
    - boot takes only a few seconds now [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] (from the second Boot)
    - build.prop Reworked for Nexus One (Wireless Connection Settings for Faster&Better Wifi Connection)
    - Optimized HD Video Recording (max. FPS the Nexus can handle)
    - Optimized HQ Photo Compression Settings to 99% (sharper & better Colors)
    - Original Nexus Bootanimation added
    - Digital Clock added
    - Professional look is the device Now...
    - Market Fixed (speedup)
    - some Framework mods with Desire HD Parts
    - Full Minimal Matte Themed Rom (No Wood Look anymore)
    - Genie,Settings,Search,Market & Youtube app in Minimal Matte Themed & added 
    - Optimized Keypress Gain
    - New Locksounds
    - MusicMod replace the stock Musik app  by Eliot Stocker
    - More Local 2 added to switch to your language
    - Flashlight Alerts added
    - Wifistatus added
    - Developer Tools added
    - and much more i not Remind... 
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1.1 Changelog [/B][B](MIUI_0.9.30) [/B][B]:[/B]
    - Chinese phone location names in the dialer Fixed Now 01753827364 Not 017-538-273-64
    - boot takes only a few seconds now [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG] (from the second Boot)
    - build.prop Reworked for Nexus One (Wireless Connection Settings)
    - Faster Wifi Connection
    - Rom Already Patched for Trackball Alert you just have to set it up (Don´t Touch Trackball Color Settings in Options !!!)
    - New RoDrIgUeZsTyLe LockScreen with Neon Buttons and Red Missed Mail & Call Counter (This makes me really Happy [IMG]http://media.xda-developers.com/images/smilies/smile.gif[/IMG])
    - better HD Video Recording no Freezes with max. 29FPS
    - New Android Keyboard with "@" in the first screen
    - Original Nexus Bootanimation added
    - Default Contact Picture Changed
    - FM Radio Themed in Full Silver Steel (No Wood Look anymore)
    - MIUI SMS/MMS app added Themed in Black (No Wood Look anymore)
    - FB Sync app added
    - Digital Clock added
    - Cleanup & Fixes to boost the Speed
    - DSP app Removed
    - Linpack app Removed
    - Speedtest app Removed
    - and some Gapps Removed
    - Rom is Full Themed "Minimal Matte" (Optional New Cool Fonts) Thanks to fuzzyshubert 
    - Themed Facebook & Twitter app added
    - Themed Torch widget added 
    - Themed Calendar widget added 
    - Themed Astrid Tasker widget added 
    - Updated  LauncherPro with Themed widgets
    - Professional look is the device Now...
    - Big Themed YouTube widget (not the cutted one)
    - New G-Mail Icon
    - Stablest Release 
    - more to come...
     [B]RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD V1 Besonderheiten:[/B]
    - based on the FroYo Miui 0.9.30 Release Rooted & Deodexed by djmcnz
    - 99 % english translated by g4rb4g3
    - build.prop reworked for better signal & faster 3g switch
    - Download Speed to the Maximum
    - Huge APN List added (Auto Connection)
    - CM6 MMS/SMS app replace the Original
    - Cleanup & Speedup Fixes
    - Optimized HD Video Recording (max. FPS the Nexus can handle)
    - Optimized HQ Photo Compression Settings to 99% (sharper & better Colors)
    - CM6 LWP with Options added
    - Market Fixed (speedup)
    - HTC Sense LWP added
    - some Framework mods with Desire HD Parts
    - Rom is Full Themed in Black Glass inc. Contacts app (No more Wood Look)
    - Genie,Settings,Search,Market & Youtube app in Black Glass added 
    - Optimized Keypress Gain
    - New Locksounds
    - Stock Android Bootanimation
    - MusicMod added by Eliot Stocker
    - More Local 2 added to switch to your language
    - New Gmail app added
    - Latest Google apps added Like Car-Home,Voice-Search...
    - LauncherPro added
    - HTC-IME Mod in Black Glass added
    - Default Google Keyboard in Black Glass added
    - CM6 Torch added (Light app)
    - SIM Toolkit added
    - DSPManager (Equalizer) added
    - Trackball Alert added (use the Patch Funktion)
    - Autokiller added
    - Flashlight Alerts added
    - Wifistatus added
    - Developer Tools added
    - FRG33 fingerprint (to show all Apps in Market and to fix some Sync. Problems)
    - and much more i not Remind...
    Download ROM Versionen v1.1 - 2.3.3

    Download Rom :
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD[B] V2.4.2 [/B]Rom[B] EN & DE:
    [/B]MD5: 77137d53a63016bd286f42882283ac82[B]
    [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/WPBX8H29IM"]- Download -[/URL][/B]
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD[B] V2.3.3 FIX[/B] Rom [B]EN & DE:
    MD5:[/B] f76bf675ed196f0247737405419ac2d6[B]
     [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/RKN1IOJYHD"]- Download -[/URL][/B]
    Wer das "H" Icon nutzen möchte (HSDPA Anzeige), flasht sich folgendes Paket direkt nach der Installation des ROMs.
     [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/ULM2RF499E"]HSDPA ICON MODE (klick mich)[/URL][/B] [gilt auch für alle gelisteten Folgeversionen ,die höher als V.2.3.2 sind]
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD v2.2 Rom (Deutsch):
      - [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/LE7RP7D1GL"]Download[/URL] -
     RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD v2.2 Rom (Englisch):
      - [URL="http://www.multiupload.com/ZQ5NPFDO73"]Download[/URL] -
    RoDrIgUeZsTyLe MIUIMOD v1.9.1 Rom (Deutsch):
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  3. #3 rodriguezstyle, 18.10.2010
    cool schön warm hier.. ;) Danke dRaCID01 btw kannst bald wieder updaten :D
  4. #4 dRaCID01, 18.10.2010
    Nun kann auch den Sprachschwachen and only deutsch sprechenden Menschen geholfen werden, mit einem direkten Link.. :)
  5. hab ich das richtig verstanden das in deinem prerelease von 1.3 noch nicht alles sondern erst so 69% enthalten sind?
    oder ist das nur ein test ob alles funktioniert und wenn dass der fall ist, wird diese version die full 1.3 ???
  6. #6 rodriguezstyle, 18.10.2010
    fritzmann, Kazama und Blindy haben sich bedankt.
  7. #7 rodriguezstyle, 18.10.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 18.10.2010
    ne hast leider falsch verstanden war nur der upload status.. wenn alles läuft ist das die full 1.3

    aber deutschen usern würde ich empfehlen kurz zu warten mach mich jetzt an meine eigene version also deutsch.. und werde den link hier freigeben..
    kRx bedankt sich.
  8. #8 dRaCID01, 18.10.2010
    oh oh oh.. is denn heut schon Weihnachten.. freut mich zu hören, mit der deutschen 1.3er ... !!! schau ich mir dann direkt mal an, wenn sie verfügbar ist....
  9. #9 fritzmann, 18.10.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 18.10.2010
    ist die Amon RA 1.9a Pflicht oder langt auch die 1.8?

    Vielen Dank für die Arbeit!

    ah habe gerade Antwort auf meine Frage bei XDA gefunden....nur zum Entfernen von APKs ohne resignen der zip.
  10. Ich hab es mit Amon RA ganz normal geflasht. Läuft alles Super!! :cool2:
  11. Also ich hab die v1.3 grad geflasht und WLan geht bei mir ohne Probleme. Ging bei mir aber auch schon in Version 1.1.

    Ist die Version 1.3 based on MIUI_0.9.30 oder MIUI_0.10.15 ??
  12. #12 fritzmann, 18.10.2010
    schade auf XDA werden für die Beta einige FCs bei Kontakte, Anrufe und weiteren wichtigen funktionen gemeldet....werden uns wohl noch ein wenig in Geduld üben müssen...!
  13. #13 rodriguezstyle, 18.10.2010
    ja war ja nur ein test bin dabei..
  14. #14 kRx, 18.10.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 18.10.2010
    mach ich irgendwas falsch?
    weil ich hab komische probleme mit der sms/mms app

    habe meine sms restored - sehe sie zwar in handcent aber nicht in der miui sms app

    wenn ich eine sms bekomme und sie aufrufen will bekomme ich n fc
    warten wir mal auf deinen final release
    Kazama bedankt sich.
  15. Nein das ist bei mir auch so. ^^ Scheint ein Bug zu sein.

    Allerdings hatte ich noch keine FCs. :thumbup:
  16. #16 rodriguezstyle, 18.10.2010
    son scheiss krieg TBA nicht zum laufen mit 0.10.15 finde nichtmal ein TUT zum selbst implementieren :(
  17. #17 rodriguezstyle, 19.10.2010
    Zuletzt bearbeitet: 19.10.2010
    kRx und NICK0 haben sich bedankt.
  18. #18 RinTinTigger, 19.10.2010
  19. super Rom
    läuft einwandfrei
  20. #20 rodriguezstyle, 19.10.2010
    Rom ist soweit fertig schau nur nochmal ob alles richtig übersetzt ist.. :)

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