[ROM]SensatioN by CRYSIS - A ROM from another Galaxy - Based on XXJVQ

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    Welcome to SensatioN ROM by Crysis21 – a ROM from another GALAXY

    Habe dieses sehr schöne Rom bei XDA gefunden :)



    Wipe version: Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    None wipe version:
    Sollte noch kommen :)

    Was ist alles in dieser Rom mitdabei?

    Dropdown menu:
    • Transparent
    • Darker, so I can satisfy those who were afraid that the white menu eats battery life
    • New status bar
    • Removed AM/PM
    • Added Data Toggle 
    • Redesigned UI

    Music Player
    • New professional layout
    • Properly fixed landscape mode(themed)
    • New layout for album art, with glass effect over images and rounded corners
    • New buttons layout and visual elements

    • I have redesigned the layout; a black version comes soon
    • New dock with reflection for calling buttons
    • Proper landscape mode this time

    • New calling panel
    • Larger caller image than before
    • New design

    • Created new panels
    • Integrated extended power menu with removed header for all languages
    • CRT animation
    • Thinner volume bar than before
    • Replaced almost all important elements with brand new ones, created by me
    • Fixed loading circles
    • Faster loading animations
    • 1% battery and charger (good old evolution – when I will have time I will come with a new one, but for now I will be keeping this one )

    ROM features

    • Based on XXJVQ
    • Deodexed
    • Zip-aligned
    • Extended power menu
    • CRT animation
    • Speedmod K15-T24
    • Removed Samsung hubs
    • Rooted + SU by Kernel
    • TW4 alphabetically sort
    • Removed some apps (all 4 hubs, KiesAir, news widget, stock widget, voice search, voice to go) – who wants them back has a pack in goodies post.
    • 10 Lockscreens
    • Overscroll Glow
    • JKay’s Extended Power Menu
    • TSM Parts for Lockscreens and other tweaks

    Tools added to the ROM

    • Android Market 3
    • SensatioN Help






    Special thanks to:
  2. #2 Markus4283, 02.08.2011
    Reserviert :)

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