[ROM][XILA2][OTA][4. FEB] zMod - NORA Vol. 1 Final is alive!

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    Welcome to zMod!

    Made in Germany




    I first created this ROM for myself because there are so many ROMs out there but none of them is the perfect one for me.
    The idea behind this ROM is to stay as near as possible to Stock but with maximum performance and, of course, battery-life. The Stock-ROM is very good already but needs some fine-tuning, that was my part
    This is my very first CustomROM but I think the results speak for themselves.

    I didn't apply any themes because I like the Gingerbread-Style and if you really want an ICS-Theme, flash another ROM.

    I decided to come back to only one version which is stable for everyone. If you want to UV or tweak governor-settings, do it yourself with e.g. VoltageControl or SetCPU.

    Credits to: simone201, hardcore, Chainfire, pikachu01, Potatoman, fenomeno83, imparator, Oliwe, bruflot, crypted, LockeOn, Capez, Orr.Penn.18, sileshnair and everyone I forgot

    Link zu XDA : [ROM][XILA2][OTA][4. FEB] zMod - NORA Vol. 1 Final is alive! - N.E.A.K. 1.3.3! - xda-developers

    P.S.: Ich habe das mal so von XDA übernommen, finde das Rom ganz cool da er alles entfernt hat was man nicht braucht aber so bahnbrechend ist es nun auch nicht.....
  2. #2 Blackout4, 04.02.2012
    link zu xda?
  3. #3 redalert, 04.02.2012
    Ist eingefügt :)
  4. #4 Aleks9007, 05.02.2012
    hallo ein par screens wären net schlecht, um ein kleinen eindruck zu bekommen,
    geht das?
  5. Wozu Themes-Screenshots? Ist doch Gingerbread-Stock-Theme, ergo müsstest du wissen, wie Stock-Gingerbread aussieht... ;)
  6. #6 Aleks9007, 05.02.2012
    k k hast recht :)
  7. #7 redalert, 06.02.2012
    Screenshots sind jetzt eingefügt :)
    Aleks9007 bedankt sich.
  8. #8 Aleks9007, 06.02.2012
    so macht das ganze nen schönen eindruck ^^

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